To Scrub, or Not to Scrub?

Many people love to scrub their skin as part of their daily skincare routines as they feel it leaves their skin healthy and glowing. The problem is that most scrubs are too harsh and abrasive for the skin. You can find face scrubs that contain just about everything, from volcanic ash to forms of sand, ground-up nuts, seashells, sugar, and salt. There are also oatmeal and jojoba bead-containing scrubs which can be kinder to skin if formulated right. However, we cannot stress enough how destructive harsh scrubs can be on the skin if you aren’t very, very careful. Harsh, abrasive scrubs and stiff-bristled cleansing brushes can cause micro-tears in the skin, every time you use them. That’s absolutely not a good thing, especially if you tend to over-scrub, as many people do. This kind of scrubbing leads to a breakdown in the composition of the skin, which is pro-aging and pro-pore clogging, and consistently reduces skin’s ability to restore itself. We would always suggest getting a professional treatment for deep cleansing and resurfacing of the skin because this allows for controlled delivery of active ingredients. However, should you opt for an at-home scrub, here are our tips to ensure you don’t compromise the health of your skin. How do I  know if I have bought the right scrub? The right non-abrasive scrub with rounded beads can be great for skin. You can’t always tell just from reading the label if the ingredients are gentle because it depends on how finely the particles are milled or cut, but a good rule of thumb is to test it on the back of your hand. If it feels even the tiniest bit scratchy, avoid at once!  Cleansing brushes are another option but only if the head has soft, silky bristles that don’t abrade the skin.  Or, you can rather opt for a water-soluble cleanser and a soft washcloth. What are benefits of using (the right) scrub? Scrubs or cleansing brushes work beautifully as an extra cleansing step. They help to be sure you get all your makeup off each night, or in the morning to feel refreshingly clean, but not dry or tight. They can also be helpful for those with oily or combination skin for eliminating surface signs of dry, flaky skin and clogged pores. When should I use a scrub? Mostly it would be recommended to scrub your face once a week, preferably at night, after you have removed all your makeup. You don’t want to scrub makeup “into” your skin. What a scrub isn’t. Don’t confuse what a scrub does for skin with what an AHA or BHA exfoliant does. Scrubs and exfoliants have completely different benefits and work in very different ways. Scrubs simply refine the very surface of the skin; they cannot remove the thick, deeper built-up layers of dead skin that result from sun damage or from oily skin or white bumps among other issues. AHA and BHA can reach all the dead layers and they hydrate skin. Plus, BHA can exfoliate directly inside the pore and improve how the pore works—no scrub can do that.   At Cosmetology, we have the perfect treatment to exfoliate your skin;   Crystal Peel Facial – Perfect for All Skin Types The Crystal Peel is an innovative twist on microdermabrasion and is preferred by Hollywood A-listers for its convenience and many benefits.  Not to mention, no downtime!    

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