A tube of black shampoo on a white background.

Blend Hydration

Unveil the secret to intensely hydrated, frizz-free hair with Sweet Professional Blend Hydration. Infused with nourishing oils and essential vitamins, Blend Hydration is designed to accommodate all, leaving your locks feeling rejuvenated and light as air no matter your hair type. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to radiant, healthful hair with every use as you elevate your daily haircare ritual to a luxurious experience and bask in the glow of luminous, silky tresses.

Two tubes of hair care products on a white background.

The First

Discover the pinnacle of haircare innovation with The First, by Sweet Professional. A luxury collection meticulously crafted for those who have embraced the journey of thermal reconditioning, The First haircare products work tirelessly to combat frizz, lend luminous shine, and compact hair strands for an impeccable finish. Whether your hair is naturally sleek or has been treated to perfection, you’ll never have to worry about short-lived straightening results or untamable flyaways again — The First has you covered.