Comfort Zone

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Skin Remedy

Developed to calm, soothe, and reinforce delicate and sensitive skin, Comfort Zone Skin Remedy defence creams, toners, oils, and serums are ideal for delicate and hyper-sensitive skin prone to redness. Enriched with Mexican Hyssop, Marula Oil, and other natural extracts and botanicals, Comfort Zone’s fragrance-free formulations offer immediate relief, repair, and restoration while reinforcing the skin’s natural beneficial bacteria for optimal cutaneous defence.

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Recover from daily fatigue and cleanse your skin of free radicals every night with Comfort Zone’s Renight collection. Designed to support natural night repair through antioxidant-rich, nourishing formulas, Renight creams, nourishing vitamin oils, and masks encourage nighttime skin repair, allowing you to wake up to fresh, youthful, and glowing skin every morning while reversing the signs of ageing and fatigue and further protect your skin against free radicals.

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Sublime Skin

A daily anti-ageing routine for skin rejuvenation, Control Zone’s Sublime skin collection ensures you have the solutions you need to combat the signs of ageing throughout different stages of your life. Formulated using a mix of natural and high-tech ingredients, Sublime Skin skin care products plump and lift the skin while protecting facial and eye skin from photoaging and correcting dark spots to ensure a visible lifting and brightening effect.

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Sacred Nature

Cosmos™ certified organic skincare designed to prevent skin youth while contributing to biodiversity protection. Comfort Zone Sacred Nature products are ideal for those wanting to look their best while minimising their environmental impact. Featuring specially sourced bio-fermented antioxidants, the entire Sacred Nature collection is CO2-negative to support climate change mitigation and promote healthier, greener, and easily accessible alternatives to conventional skincare products.

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Body Strategist Renew

Offering soothing, renewing, and regenerating treatment designed to restore tone, elasticity, and hydration, Body Strategist Renew products make for the ideal treatment for skin lacking in essential moisture. Great for contrasting stretchmarks and restoring elasticity, Comfort Zone’s Body Strategist Renew treatments regenerate and revitalize the skin and come especially recommended for dry and rough skin, no matter whether you’re prepping your skin for sun exposure or simply maintaining softness.

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Body Strategist Cellulite

Delivering professional cellulite and remodelling solutions for home users, Comfort Zone Body Strategist Cellulite serums, creams, and gels leverage science, nature, and technology to sustainably and effectively reduce visible signs of cellulite and firm up the skin. Formulated using highly concentrated formulas developed by skin care professionals, Body Strategist Cellulite products tighten and tone target areas to foster firmer, younger-looking skin.

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Body Strategist Tone

An exclusive range of scientifically formulated, dermatologically tested, and clinically proven skin-toning solutions, Comfort Zone’s Body Strategist Tone gels, creams, and oils are packed with highly concentrated natural oils that effectively smooth the skin and gith inflammation. Perfect for minimizing unwanted stretch marks and cellulite and smoothing the skin, Body Strategist Tone skincare products deliver intensive action wherever they’re applied and leave your skin looking more supple and compact.

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Skin Regime

Featuring potent formulas to combat accelerated skin ageing from stress and pollution, the Comfort Zone Skin Regime collection is designed to help you create a personalised, powerful regimen to promote overall skin health and glow. Created with today’s multitaskers in mind, Comfort Zone’s unisex Skin Regime boosters can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate custom skin regimen that cleanses, corrects, and protects your skin.

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Combining self-care with deep relaxation, the Comfort Zone Tranquility collection offers a range of products developed to promote a deep sense of wellbeing and improve your overall health by eliminating stress. Crafted using aromatic blends of sweet orange, Damascus rose, and cedarwood essential oils, Tranquility products are ideal for destressing either throughout or at the end of the day, and even help promote optimal sleep to ensure you wake up feeling fully relaxed and recharged.

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Sun Soul

Allowing you to enjoy only the best of the sun by keeping you protected and safe, Comfort Zone’s line of Sun Soul sun protection and skin care products offer lightweight SPF protection in a variety of forms. Formulated using biometric peptide DNA-defence technology combined with UVA/UVB filters, Sun Soul anti-ageing sun and skincare products stand out from other chemical-laden products while being just as effective, leveraging only natural oils to minimize environmental impact.

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Deep, gentle custom cleansing for skin glow and vitality, the Comfort Zone Essential collection cleanses, renews, and tones your skin through gentle yet effective solutions. Designed to be used as part of a revitalizing daily routine, Essential products use oil-based surfactants and hydrating extract to eliminate impurities, makeup, and irritants in all skin types while reinforcing the skin’s natural protective barrier.