Nioxin thicker fuller hair cleanser.

Treatment System No.1

Nioxin Treatment System No.1 is a complete, professional hair thickening treatment targeted at
natural, non-coloured hair with light thinning. Specially formulated to deliver denser-looking hair,
this 3-part system strengthens the hair to prevent further loss due to breakage while gently
getting rid of built-up sebum, fatty acids, and environmental residues from the scalp and hair to
deliver a healthy shine and increased volume.

Nioxin 2 thicker fuller hair treatment.

Treatment System No.2

A 3-part system designed for natural, non-coloured hair with progressed thinning, Nioxin
Treatment System No.2 delivers denser-looking hair with increased protection against damage
and further thinning. Formulated using the latest in hair loss treatment technology, Nioxin
System No.2 helps clean, optimize, and treat the hair and scalp to boost volume, add a healthy
shine, and leave hair looking and feeling fuller from root to tip.

Nioxin 3 thicker puller hairspray.

Treatment System No.3

Amplify hair texture and restore lost moisture with the Nioxin Treatment System No.3 for
thinning coloured hair. Designed to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, and
environmental residues while balancing out moisture and adding colour protection, the
complete, professional 3-part Nioxin System No.3 treatment system increases the fullness of
each individual strand to leave coloured hair looking thicker, denser, and more vibrant.

Nioxin thicker fuller hair shampoo and conditioner.

Treatment System No.4

A complete hair loss treatment for coloured hair with progressed thinning, the Nioxin Treatment
System No.4 is designed to help you achieve thicker hair by refreshing your hair and scalp and
restoring moisture balance. Available as a complete set or as standalone products, Nioxin
System No.4 clears clogged follicles to promote new growth and strengthens hair to prevent
further loss while leaving you with incredibly shiny, fuller-looking hair.

Nioxin thicker & fuller hair sham.

Treatment System No.5

Nioxin Treatment System No.5 is a unique hair thickening and hair loss treatment system
developed specifically for chemically treated, bleached, permed, or straightened hair with light
thinning. Created using Nioxin’s innovative approach to hair loss, Treatment System No.5 takes
a different approach to hair thinning and works with your body to slow down the thinning
process instead of simply camouflaging it, leaving you with naturally thicker, healthier-looking

Nioxin thicker fuller hair sham.

Treatment System No.6

Treatment System No.6 by Nioxin is a 3-part professional thickening treatment for chemically
treated, bleached, permed, or straightened hair with progressed thinning. Developed using an
advanced skincare approach that focuses on the scalp, Nioxin System No.6 is designed to
strengthen, nourish, and repair thinning hair from the follicle to the tip to promote new hair
growth and leave hair looking thicker, fuller, and healthier.

A tube of nioxin hair gel and a tube of nioxin hair gel.

Hair Breakage

Get healthier hair with Nioxin’s range of dedicated masks, oils, and leave-in treatments against
hair breakage. Designed to strengthen hair and protect it against further damage, Nioxin Hair
Breakage products are ideal for long, sensitive hair prone to breakage, chemically treated hair,
or hair that’s frequently heat styled and work to prevent breakage while keeping hair healthy and
fresh to prevent future hair loss.

Nioxin hydrating spray and packaging.

Hair Styling

No hairstyle is off limits with Nioxin’s range of thickening Hair Styling products and styling aids
for thin, damaged, and fine hair. Adding shape, texture, and allowing you to create your perfect
style, Nioxin Hair Styling sprays, gels, foams, and cremes offer long-lasting hold and nourish
your scalp to deliver fuller, thicker-looking hair no matter your desired style or look.

A bottle of nioxin and a bottle of nioxin.

Hair Thickening

Regarded as some of the best thickening leave-in treatments for thinning hair available on the
market, the Nioxin Hair Thickening range offers targeted treatments for hair at different stages
of thinning. Developed using an advanced skincare approach for better scalp and hair health,
Nioxin Hair Thickening products can either be used as standalone treatments or to add an extra
boost of volume to any of Nioxin’s 3-part hair treatments.

Nioxin thicker fuller hair kit.

Nioxin System Kits

World-renowned and tailored to suit different hair needs, Nioxin System Kits are the result of
over 30 years’ experience and expertise and are designed to actively treat, rather than
camouflage, the root causes of hair thinning. Each system kit features scientifically formulated
shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for thinning hair that cleanse, condition, and treat both
the scalp and the hair to deliver denser, thicker-looking hair.