Kevin Murphy

Kevin kelly blonde angel hairspray.


Put the bounce back into your gorgeous blonde locks with the Blonde collection by Kevin
Murphy. Specially formulated to condition and moisturise blonde, bleached, highlighted, and
grey hair, the Kevin Murphy Blonde collection sets the right tone by working to eliminate brassy
and yellow tones while restoring brightness and maintaining cooler tones to keep your hair in its
optimum condition and add incomparable lustre.

Kevin murphy crystal angel shampoo and conditioner.

Colour Care

The Kevin Murphy Colour Care range features a range of specialised treatments for coloured
hair designed to tone and enhance your hair while neutralising any unwanted tones. Ideal for
lightened or coloured hair, Kevin Murphy Colour Care treatments offer a mix of colour longevity,
brightness, and balance to refresh and enhance colour while moisturising, protecting, and
delivering incredible shine. Perfect for maintaining your hair colour between salon visits.

Kevin kelly keratin smoothing sham and keratin smoothing sham.


Add the spring back to saggy, sad curls with the Curl range by Kevin Murphy. Featuring
antioxidant and mineral-rich formulas designed to eliminate frizz, hydrate, and strengthen hair,
Kevin Murphy Curl products re-activate curls to leave your hair feeling thicker and softer while
adding natural feel and motion to your curls. Sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, Curl products
offer the ideal balance of a strong hold and elasticity for medium to coarse curly and wavy hair.

Kevin kelly shampoo and conditioner.


Made up of specialized daily washes and rinses, the Kevin Murphy Detox collection is designed
to detox your hair and get rid of product and chemical build-up. Delivering a deep cleansing
action that gently detoxifies and purifies your hair for a clean, clear, and refreshed scalp, Kevin
Murphy Detox products are crafted using antioxidant-rich formulations blended with soothing
essential oils that brighten your hair and detoxify your scalp without stripping it of natural oils
and hydration.

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Everlasting Colour

Kevin Murphy’s most innovative range of haircare products for coloured hair, Everlasting Colour offers salon-quality solutions for the home user formulated to restore, strengthen, and protect chemically-treated hair against colour fade. Developed using advanced bond-building and protein multiplying technology to guard against breakage, Kevin Murphy Everlasting Colour haircare products even offer added protection against mineral build-up from hard water and harmful UVA/UVG exposure to extend vibrancy and shine.

Kevin murphy hydra air fine hairspray.


Developed to quench dull, parched, and dry hair, the Kevin Murphy Hydrate collection combines
salon-quality treatments, conditioners, and shampoos for dry hair with a nourishing hydration
pick-me-up. Created using vitamin-charged, antioxidant-rich formulations, Hydrate products
leave hair deeply conditioned from root-to-tip and deliver a super-smoothing hydrating effect
that restores dry hair to a natural, healthy glow. Perfect for naturally dry hair or hair that’s
regularly exposed to harsh, dry conditions.

Kevin kelly keratin smoothing spray.


Featuring weightless, invisible leave-in hair treatments offering superior protection from
common aggressors, the Kevin Murphy Protect collection is designed to protect your hair
against heat damage and damage associated with heat styling. Offering heat protection up to
232°C, Protect treatments easily distribute through the hair and offer a weightless protective

shield compatible with all hair types while minimising damage and gently smoothing and
detangling hair.

Kevin kelly hair care set with a bottle of hairspray and a bottle of hairspray.


The ultimate anti-ageing hair collection. Rejuvenate by Kevin Murphy features the brand’s iconic
Young.Again washes, rinses, masks, and dry conditioners designed to nourish your tresses,
restore softness, and leave your hair full of youthful body and bounce. Formulated using
restorative blends of amino acids, essential oils, and active ingredients renowned for their
rejuvenating benefits, the Rejuvenate collection is ideal for restoring and renewing lustre and
shine in dry, brittle, damaged, and ageing hair.

Kevin kelly shampoo and conditioner set.


Repair, renew, and restore dry, damaged, and frizzy hair like never before with Kevin Murphy’s
exclusive Repair range. Consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, treatment, and leave-in treatment
packed with powerful superfood proteins and natural fruit enzymes, Repair range is a 4-part
intense repair system designed to deliver deep nourishment and strengthen, reconstruct, and
repair dry and damaged hair while protecting it against future damage.

Kevin murphy scalpa wash and tube.


Specially formulated shampoos and hair products designed to soothe and cleanse your scalp. The Kevin Murphy Scalp collection is infused with natural extracts and beneficial oils that nourish and condition your scalp while regulating sebum production and locking in moisture to prevent dryness, excess oil, and irritation. Enriched with Micellar Water & Celery Seed Extract, Scalp washes and scrubs are suitable for all skin and hair types and safe for colour-treated hair.

Kevin murphy smooth again shampoo and conditioner.


Developed with thick and coarse hair in mind, Smooth by Kevin Murphy is a collection of
specially selected haircare products designed to tame unruly tresses and fight back against
frizz. Crafted to nourish and smooth thick, coarse, and unruly hair, Smooth products leverage
ion-based cationic technology to mimic the structure of the hair’s natural proteins and leave you
with smoother, silkier, and touchably softer hair.

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Style Control

From styling pastes, clays, and gels to flexible finishing sprays, styling cremes, and more, Kevin
Murphy offers a full range of styling aids that give you full control over your style. Delivering
intense hold and unparalleled humidity resistance, Kevin Murphy Style Control products give
you everything you need to create super-defined looks and endless styles that last while leaving
hair feeling nourished and refreshed.

Kevin murphy hair resort shampoo and conditioner.


Whether you’re looking to give fine, limp hair a boost or recreate the iconic, sexy beach hair
Kevin Murphy is renowned for, the Texture collection is designed to deliver perfectly imperfect
looks no matter what. Adding touchable texture, separation, and movement to your hair while
still allowing you to easily squish, scrunch and mess up your style to achieve the right look,
Texture products work in seconds and are ideal for all hair types.

Kevin kelly shampoo and conditioner set.


Plump up in all the right places and take your hair to a whole new level of thickness with Kevin
Murphy’s Thickening collection. Developed using eyelash thickening and lengthening
technology, Kevin Murphy Thickening shampoos, conditioners, sprays and treatments nourish
every strand from root to tip to create volume, deliver softness and shine, and transform limp
hair into fabulously fuller locks. Great for all hair types and ideal for fine and ageing hair.

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Created to transform and nourish fine, fragile hair, Kevin Murphy Volume products are bursting
with vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants that add volume, create intense shine, and lock-in
precious moisture into the hair. Sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, Kevin Murphy Volume
haircare products are suitable for all hair types and ideal for anyone wanting to add weightless
volume without sacrificing hold or shine.