Nuxe aqualise hydrating cream and aqualise moisturizing cream.


Dive into the pure essence of beauty with NUXE’s Aquabella collection, meticulously crafted for combination skin. Let the magic of White Waterlily from the serene waters of Madagascar, paired with the science of natural-origin Hyaluronic Acid, envelope your skin in perfect harmony as you celebrate the marriage of nature and innovation with a skincare range that ensures moisture where needed and clarity where desired. Revel in the Aquabella allure, where nature’s purity meets skincare excellence, giving your skin the tailored love it truly deserves.

Nuxe creme fraiche & nuxe creme fraiche.

Crème Fraîche® de Beauté

Experience the essence of hydration with NUXE Crème Fraîche De Beauté. Crafted with 98% natural-origin ingredients, this stunning range offers 48-hour moisturization. Harnessing the power of red algae, Sweet Almond Oil, and Botanical Milk, Crème Fraîche De Beauté products promise optimal hydration tailored for every skin type, coupled with luxury infusions of signature orange blossom scents — the epitome of clean beauty that respects your skin’s balance! Choose NUXE Crème Fraîche De Beauté for a fresh and revitalized complexion no matter what.

Nuxe little prodigieuses for women.

Huile Prodigieuse

Embrace the magic of NUXE Huile Prodigieuse, a symphony of nourishment and radiance for your face, body, and hair. Celebrating over three decades of botanical innovation, this iconic collection boasts an array of formulations, each infused with a blend of handpicked botanical oils. From the timeless allure of the classic dry oil to the rejuvenating caress of floral notes and the serenity of Neroli, each variant is an ode to nature and luxury. Whether you desire a shimmering glow, a protective shield against pollutants, or intense hydration, trust Huile Prodigieuse to be your ultimate beauty companion

Nuxe inst-masque hydrating & smoothing mask.

Insta Masque

Inspired by the enchanting essence of Damascena Rose Floral Water and enriched with potent ingredients, NUXE Insta Masque is developed to deliver radiantly beautiful skin in as little as a few minutes. Featuring innovative formulations that blend the soothing properties of Rose Floral Water with dynamic duo ingredients tailored for each skin concern, Insta Masque’s ultra-sensorial textures combined with captivating scents deliver moments of sheer pleasure and relaxation, with visible results backed by dedicated user tests.

Nuxe merliance lift eye cream.


Discover the transformative power of NUXE Merveillance, your ultimate solution for wrinkles and firmness. At the heart of this rejuvenating collection lies the unparalleled prowess of ultra-correcting Micro-Algae Oil, a potent infusion harnessing 2.5 billion years of resilience and regeneration from Chlorella Vulgaris. With each use, you unveil firmer, more youthful skin, as this precious green elixir works diligently to strengthen the skin’s foundational layers, visibly correcting wrinkles. With this scientifically backed, eco-responsible range, not only will you be revitalizing your skin, but also reducing your carbon footprint, thanks to NUXE’s environmentally conscious packaging!

Nuxe men's deodorant gel.


Harnessing the robustness of Oak bark and the rejuvenating qualities of Hornbeam, the NUXE Men range is crafted exclusively for the modern man’s skin challenges. This comprehensive suite caters to every need, effortlessly blending nature’s potency with effective skincare. From hydration to anti-ageing, take care of all your skincare needs all while basking in a masculine citrus-wood fragrance. Experience rejuvenated, toned, and revitalized skin with the precision and power of NUXE Men.

Nuxe spf 50 sun cream and spf 50 sun cream.


NUXE Sun is designed to prioritize your skin’s health, offering robust UV protection infused with natural-origin ingredients. Revel in the sun while ensuring your skin is shielded from photo-aging and dark spots. Expertly formulated, NUXE Sun suncare product champion marine life, with tested non-toxic properties for the marine ecosystem. And that’s not all — NUXE Sun doesn’t just stop at protection: it enhances your sun experience with non-sticky, evocative textures and a solar fragrance that transports you to sun-kissed shores!

Nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe.


Discover the transformative power of NUXE Nuxuriance, an embodiment of NUXE’s groundbreaking research carefully crafted for dry, fragile skin affected by time’s natural course. Explore the symphony of ingredients as the renewing prowess of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells harmoniously blend with the illuminating Jiaogulan and Rockrose Nutri-Restorative Complex, crowned by the radiant Porcelain Rose Oleoactive®. With a commitment to nature, all Nuxuriance formulas boast over 92% natural-origin ingredients, ensuring your skin is pampered with in soothing textures and unparalleled comfort.

Nuxe professional rosy glow set.


In a world that never stops, let NUXE Prodigieuse be your sanctuary, ensuring your skin remains as vibrant and youthful as your spirit. Leveraging the strength of potent anti-oxidants, Prodigieuse by NUXE combats oxidative stress, the prime foe of radiance. With the brilliance of anti-oxidant-rich Jasmine extract and the enduring effectiveness of natural-origin stabilised Vitamin C, your skin gains a fortified shield against everyday aggressors, enabling you to benefit from a fresher, energized, and more luminous complexion that feels irresistibly smooth.

Nuxe prodigieuse eye cream and nuxe prodigieuse eye cream.


Infused with the potent power of anti-oxidants, the heart of NUXE’s Prodigieux collection lies in combatting oxidative stress – the prime culprit behind skin dullness. Designed for the dynamic soul navigating life’s everyday challenges, Prodigieux ensures your skin doesn’t bear the brunt of fatigue, pollution, and stress. Revel in the ultra-fresh textures, designed for varied skin types, and lose yourself in a medley of captivating scents. With NUXE Prodigieux, every day is a step towards refreshed, energized, and luminous skin. Embrace the ritual, and celebrate the glow!

Nuxe radiance de l'âme and nuxe radiance de l'âme.

Rêve de Miel

Designed to nurture your skin from head to toe, NUXE’s Rêve de Miel range is infused with the pure magic of honey, nature’s treasured elixir, merged with luxurious botanical oils to deliver nourishing care for dry to very dry skin. Delight in the velvety, rich textures that envelop your skin in a cocoon of hydration and serenity, while diving into harmonious blends of ancient beauty traditions and illuminating your daily beauty ritual with a touch of golden radiance.

Nuxe body de l'eau de l'eau de l'eau de l'eau de l'eau de.

Rêve de thé Body

Elevate your body care routine with NUXE’s nature-inspired Rêve de Thé Body range—a symphony of holistic care for both men and women. Sustainably sourced through an eco-friendly, French biotechnological process, the collection’s star ingredient—green tea extract—promises not only to quench and soften your skin but to envelop you in a sensorial experience on your journey to revitalised skin and an awakened spirit. Savour the magic of Rêve de Thé: where timeless tradition meets modern skincare elegance.

Two bottles of nuxe super serum oil.

Super Serum

Marrying NUXE’s unparalleled expertise in oils and anti-aging, NUXE Super Serum stands as an age-defying marvel suitable for all skin types. Powered by natural Hyaluronic Acid, known to delve deep to rejuvenate from within, and micro-balls of fractionated Botanical Oils, the range promises an unparalleled fusion of nourishment and radiance as it softens wrinkles and restores luminosity. Harness the magic of nature and science as you rediscover youthfulness with NUXE Super Serum—your ultimate ally against time.

Nusse moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Very Rose

NUXE Very Rose is designed to indulge the senses while effortlessly removing daily impurities. Whether you’re a lover of foam, milk, oil, or gel, NUXE Very Rose transforms routine skin cleansing into an experience of sheer well-being. Luxuriate in the rosy glow of nature’s best with NUXE Very Rose, where the soothing properties of rose floral water work seamlessly with the moisturising might of NUXE’s exclusive, 100% botanical-origin Skin-Respect Complex to deliver the perfect balance between deep cleansing and tender care.

Nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe nuxe.

White Ultimate Glow

Introducing NUXE White Ultimate Glow, the ultimate shield against the modern world’s adversities. Dive into an ocean of luminescence where White Pony and Vitamin C work hand-in-hand to create a powerful synergy that banishes dark spots and evens out skin tone, and immerse yourself in deep hydration as White Ultimate Glow works to rejuvenate your skin and instill unmatched youthful vitality. More than just a skincare regimen, NUXE White Ultimate Glow is the dawn of luminous skin, here to help you illuminate, protect, and reveal your skin’s untapped potential.