Nimue Ranges skin care set.


Eliminate impurities and rejuvenate your skin with the Nimue Cleansing & Exfoliating range, covering
everything from cleansing face washes to enzymatic exfoliators and conditioners. Made up of a carefully
selected range of face and body skincare products, Nimue cleansers and exfoliators are formulated using
cutting edge and highly concentrated active ingredients designed to remove dead skin cells and promote
natural skin cell renewal.

Explore the comprehensive Nimue Ranges for a complete skin care kit.


From aftershave balms to cleansing night moisturisers, keep your skin looking its best with Nimue’s
range of Day & Night Moisturisers. Featuring multi-functional, light-textured, and easily absorbable
moisturisers for both men and women, Nimue moisturisers work to restore and rejuvenate the skin
while locking in essential hydration to leave you with gorgeously smoother skin as you go about your
daily life.

Nimue Ranges skin care kit.


Crafted using potent active ingredients, Nimue Serums are designed to lock in moisture and effectively
treat a wide range of skin concerns like acne, environmental damage, pigmentation, sagging, sensitive
skin, and aging. Leveraging advanced active ingredients and antioxidants, Nimue Serums nourish and
rejuvenate the skin while ensuring it remains well protected from the elements and future breakouts.
Suitable for all skin types.

Nimue Ranges skin care kit.


Nimue Masks make for the perfect at-home treatment to recharge and revitalise your skin while leaving
it more hydrated, brighter, and smoother. Covering everything from anti-ageing leave on masks and
rejuvenating masks to clarifying masks and super hydration masks for dry and damaged skin, Nimue
Masks are ideal for anyone looking for extra support treating problematic skin or simply as an addition
to weekly skincare routines.

Nimue collagen eye balm and eye cream from the Nimue Ranges.


Reverse the effects of aging and say goodbye to puffy eyes and dry lips with Nimue’s rejuvenating Eye &
Lip Treatments. Boasting some of the most advanced eye serums, anti-ageing eye creams, under-eye
creams, and lip treatments available on the market, Nimue Eye & Lip treatments blend prescribed
skincare products with professionally administered treatment to fully transform and rejuvenate the skin
from the deepest layers up.

Nimue hydrator from the Nimue Ranges with SPF 30.


Help your skin look and feel amazing with Nimue Body creams & hydrators. Formulated using a blend of powerful alpha hydroxy acids and exotic plant extracts, Nimue’s range of body care products promote cell turnover while improving overall skin texture and combating age spots and other tell-tale signs of ageing. Ideal for treating common skin concerns such as ageing, psoriasis, eczema, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin.

A tube of spf 40 sun cream from the Nimue Ranges and a box.


Nimue Foundations offer smooth, versatile bases and superior coverage to visibly reduce the signs of
premature ageing while delivering cutting-edge treatments that soften the skin and boost its natural
repair mechanism. Suitable for all skin types, Nimue Foundations come with the added benefit of UV
protection to keep your skin protected against the sun and daily environmental pollutants and irritants.

Nimue sun - c - spf 50 - Nimue Ranges.


More than just sun creams, Nimue Sun Protection products offer complete protection and blend broad-
spectrum UVA/UVB protection with nourishing and moisturising active ingredients to keep skin hydrated
and combat premature ageing. Designed to combine comprehensive protection with the latest in
cosmetic technology, Nimue Sun Protection creams and lotions effectively and efficiently reduce the
appearance of dark areas, control pigmentation, and minimize redness.

A tube of Nimue Ranges skin technology and a tube of Nimue Ranges skin technology.


Consisting of products specially created for problematic skin, the Nimue Purifying range is formulated using unique actives based on dermabiotics, acids, encapsulated retinol, anti-oxidants, and tea tree oil to counteract the root cause of skin concerns while minimising the disruption of the skin’s natural protective barrier. From day and night creams to purifying masks and serums, Nimue’s Purifying range offers specialized solutions for problematic skin conditions.

A tube of Nimue serum.


Crafted meticulously for sensitive and sensitised skin, Nimue’s Sensitive Range weaves the magic of science with skincare to revamp your skin’s narrative, fostering an environment where hydration and nourishment take center stage. Embrace the revolution of sensitive skincare, where every application is a step towards soothed, fortified, and radiant skin, and let the Nimue Sensitive range be your daily dose of skin comfort.