Three hair brushes on a black background.

Thermal Brushes

Unibrush Thermal Brushes help you create glossy, long-lasting, and bouncy looking curls
without drying out, creating frizz and flyaways, or damaging your beautiful locks. Designed to
create natural-looking curls, Unibrush’s range of Thermal Brushes are produced using the latest
in hairbrush technology and feature cutting-edge, high-quality materials. Suitable for all hair
types and available in a wide range of colours, a Unibrush Thermal Brush guarantees effortless
curls no matter what.

Two hair brushes on a black background.

Vented Nylon Pins

When it comes to achieving luscious, frizz-free straight hair, there’s no better tool than a high-
quality paddle brush. Crafted using soft boar bristles that gently glide through your hair,
Unibrush Vented Nylon Pin brushes perfectly distribute your natural hair oils throughout your
hair to leave it softer and shinier while speeding up drying time. Perfect no matter whether
you’re just getting out of the shower or mid-way through your day, Unibrush Vented Nylon Pin
brushes are ideal for all straight hair types, including damaged hair.