Two bottles of kms head remedy.


Purify your hair with the HeadRemedy range of deep cleansing shampoos and conditioners by
KMS. HeadRemedy shampoos and conditioners carefully remove build-up and residue left by
hair products, minerals, hard water, and pollutants to keep hair feeling clean and looking healthy
without depriving it of essential moisture. Dermatologically tested and free of any animal
products, HeadRemedy haircare products are gentle enough for daily use and suitable for all
hair types.

Kms add volume kit.


Add buildable volume and bring your look to life with the KMS AddVolume range of volumizing
shampoos, leave-in conditioners, and styling aids. Formulated using KMS’ signature AHA
structure complex, AddVolume haircare products strengthen and boost hair to make it look and
feel thicker for longer, especially when combined with AddVolume styling aids. Perfect for
adding up to 70% more volume to any hair type, especially fine and thin hair.

Kms most repair kit.


Nourish and repair dry or damaged hair with MoistRepair by KMS. The MoistRepair range
features a selection of hair care products designed to replenish moisture and restore dry,
damaged, or stressed hair from the inside without weighing it down, leaving you with hydrated
and luxuriously soft hair while restoring the hair’s natural protective coating and improving the
appearance of fine, limp hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Kitts curl up kit.


Tame wild curls and say goodbye to frizz with CurlUp by KMS. Created especially for curly hair,
the CurlUp range calms, shapes, and bundles unruly curls while defining and enhancing their
natural appearance to create long-lasting, beautiful styles. Formulated using KMS’ innovative
shaping blend, CurlUp lotions, cremes, and foams penetrate deep within your hair to reduce
frizz and protect hair against humidity for up to 72 hours.

Kms therma shape hair care set.


Crafted to speed up drying time and protect your hair from the effects of heat styling, KMS
ThermaShape offers a complete range of heat styling aids that lightly condition hair to create a
more defined look. Adding extra hold and shine to any hair type, ThermaShape sprays and
cremes both prepare hair for heat styling and help seal in and maintain your desired look while
reducing heat damage, breakage, and flyaways.

Kms hair play kit.


Formulated using KMS’ exclusive and innovative shaping blend, HairPlay styling aids add
texture while offering superior hold and pliability. Featuring a range of waxes, cremes, styling
gels, texture sprays, and more, the HairPlay range by KMS is ideal for anyone looking to add a
more defined, natural finish to their tousled look while helping it maintain its shape throughout
the day without having to worry about any greasy or sticky build-up.

Kms hair stay set.


Keep your hair looking the way you want it for longer with HairStay by KMS. Designed to
prevent frizz and protect your hair from the effects of humidity, HairStay styling products add a
natural-looking finish and offer incredible hold, allowing you to brush and rework your style
throughout the day. All the benefits of conventional waxes, pomades, and finishing sprays but
without the typical greasiness, stickiness, and flaking.

Two bottles of kms color vitality shampoo and conditioner.


Fight colour fade and restore radiance to colour-treated hair with KMS ColorVitality. ColorVitality
shampoos and conditioners seal in colour and preserve vibrancy for up to three times longer
while moisturising and repairing any damage from colour treatment. The range also features a
shampoo and conditioner specially designed to enhance blonde tones and reduce yellowing in
lightened, highlighted, natural, or colour-treated blonde, white, or grey hair.

Kit's tame frezz set.


Designed to reduce and control frizz, the TameFrizz range protects hair against humidity by
deeply hydrating hair and improving manageability without adding weight or leaving behind a
greasy residue. Offering up to 100% frizz reduction, TameFrizz offers a complete range of hair
care products, from shampoos and conditioners to hair treatments and style primers, created to
tame and manage frizz while delivering the nourishment your hair needs to look and feel great.

kmd Add Power

Add Power

Developed to make fine hair look and feel noticeably thicker, KMS Add Power thickening spray allows for gentler styling with up to 90% less damage. Offering heat protection up to 200°C, Add Power thickening spray is formulated using an innovative shaping blend of Polyquaternium 68, rice protein, and organic white tea to add structure and resilience while minimizing static during styling.