A bottle of baby soap and a bottle of baby lotion.

Atopic Skin

Mustela’s Atopic Skin range is a specially formulated line of skincare products designed to cater to the needs of babies and children with atopy-prone skin. This dermatologically tested range of fragrance-free products is clinically proven to soothe, replenish, and reduce red patches on the skin, making it an ideal choice for parents looking to care for their child’s delicate skin. Trust Mustela to keep your little one’s skin happy, healthy, and protected!

A tube of vitamin e cream with a box next to it.

Diaper Change

Mustela’s Diaper Change range is specially designed to care for and protect the delicate skin on your baby’s bottom. Featuring gentle cleansing options like micellar water, wipes, and liniment, along with a nourishing nappy cream that soothes, protects, and prevents the appearance of redness, Mustela’s Diaper Change collection ensures your baby’s bottom stays clean, comfortable, and healthy all day long.

Mustela soap with a box and a box of soap.

Dry Skin

Don’t let dry skin get in the way of your baby’s comfort! Whether your baby’s skin feels rough, dry, or tends to peel, this range offers a variety of daily skincare products specifically formulated to protect and moisturise from birth. With Mustela’s gentle and nourishing formulas, you can rest assured that your baby’s delicate skin will stay soft, smooth, and hydrated.

A tube of moisturiser with aloe vera on a white background.


Formulated to help preserve your skin’s elasticity and radiance, Mustela’s Maternity Range offers clinically proven solutions designed for mum’s stressed skin. Whether you’re dealing with stretch marks, dryness, or other skin concerns, Mustela’s Maternity collection can help you feel confident and comfortable during this special time in your life. Trust Mustela to deliver the care and comfort you deserve.

A bottle of baby oil and a bottle of baby oil.

Normal Skin

Designed to provide daily hydration and long-lasting protection, this complete range of baby skincare products is delicate enough to be used from birth. Formulated to cater to the unique needs of fragile baby skin, Mustela’s Normal Skin products deliver daily hydration and long-lasting protection, offering the ideal solution for parents looking to keep their little one’s skin healthy and nourished.

Two bottles of mustel baby lotion on a white background.

Sensitive Skin

Does your baby’s skin feel tight or does it tend to redden easily? Mustela’s Sensitive Skin range is the perfect solution. Crafted to soothe and care for the needs of babies and children with sensitive to very sensitive skin, Mustela’s Sensitive Skin range is fragrance-free and offers gentle and effective care by moisturising, soothing, and protecting baby’s skin while minimising signs of skin reactions.

A tube of cicastala regenerating cream with a box.

Specific Care

Mustela’s Specific Care range is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of babies and infants. Featuring a selection of bestsellers, such as nappy change, cleansing, bathing, and moisturising products, all specially formulated to meet the specific needs of babies and children’s delicate skin from birth, Mustela’s Specific care range turns your baby’s daily routine into a moment of shared pleasure.

Muebles spf 50 sun cream tube.


When it comes to protecting baby’s skin from the sun, Mustela’s baby Sun range has you covered. The result of an unprecedented 11-year worldwide research program, Sun products ensure that your baby’s skin receives the highest level of protection from harmful UV exposure while soothing and moisturising your baby’s skin after sun exposure. Give your baby the best possible protection with Mustela’s Baby Sunscreen range.