A bottle of beard oil on a white background.

Men’s Grooming

The Muk Men’s Grooming collection is made up of a selection of easy to apply men’s haircare
and styling products designed specifically for men. From hair waxes, pomades, finishing pastes,
and other styling products to volumizing shampoos and all-in-one hair, beard & body washes,
Muk’s Men’s Grooming collection takes a no-fuss approach to men’s haircare without
compromising on quality.

Three bottles of mulk hair care products on a black background.

Muk Care

Treat and protect your hair against a wide variety of common hair concerns, including dry,
brittle, damaged, and oily hair, with the Care collection by Muk. Formulated using a blend of
carefully selected active ingredients and therapeutic extracts, Muk Care cruelty-free shampoos,
conditioners, serums, and leave-in treatments offer the perfect balance of nourishment and
protection to leave your hair silky soft and gorgeously shiny.

A bottle of argan oil and a bottle of argan oil.

Muk Spa

A perfect fusion of nature and technology, the Spa collection by Muk features a range of
specialized hair care products infused with exotic and rare argan oil sourced directly from
Morocco. Rich in essential fatty acids and high in vitamins and antioxidants, all Spa oils,
shampoos, and conditioners are colour-safe, suitable for all hair types, and free of sulphates,
parabens, phosphates, and mineral oils.

A tube of mulk and a tin of mulk.

Muk Styling

From curl amplifiers, volumizing sprays, and award-winning styling pastes to traditional
pomades, creams, and blowout mousses, Muk’s Styling collection delivers a full range of
outstanding styling aids to help you create your perfect look. Formulated to hold styles in shape
for up to 48 hours, Muk styling aids are designed for high performance and ease of use to
deliver long-lasting styling perfection no matter your hair type.