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The IS Clinical Antioxidants collection offers a full range of potent antioxidant formulas dedicated to maintaining optimal skin and body effect. From fighting back against the damaging effects of free radicals to turning back the clock on skin ageing, Antioxidants serums, complexes, creams, and sunscreens are designed to minimize redness and irritation while locking in hydration and providing essential protection against environmental aggressors.



Made up of gentle, yet powerful resurfacing agents combined with concentrated antioxidants, IS Clinical Cleaners and cleansing complexes clear up excess oil and effortlessly remove makeup and debris without irritating or drying out your skin. Gentle enough for even hypersensitive skin, Cleanser products offer a perfect balance of bio-nutrients and antioxidants that thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping it of essential natural oils. Ideal for all skin types, ages, and genders.

IS Clinical Ranges - COMPLEXES


From their moisturising, smoothing, and protective Body Complex to their toning and age-defying Youth Complex, IS Clinical Complexes offer a full spectrum of skin treatments packed with powerful botanicals, natural hydrators and vitamins, potent antioxidants, and essential bionutrients. The advanced and versatile formulations used in IS Clinical Complexes are designed to target specific concerns while offering unparalleled antioxidant protection and supporting overall skin health.

IS Clinical Ranges - EXFOLIANTS


As gentle as they are powerful, IS Clinical Exfoliants have been specially developed to provide a bright, even, glowing complexion without causing any unwanted irritation. Using exclusively botanically based formulations, IS Clinical Exfoliant serums, masks, complexes, and crèmes offer intense revitalization while delivering the essential vitamins, bionutrients, antioxidants, and deep hydration your skin needs to look healthier and more vibrant no matter what.

IS Clinical Ranges - EYECARE


Developed to combat ageing and revive tired eyes, IS Clinical EyeCare eye complexes and under-eye serums are proven to reduce the appearance of unsightly dark circles, pesky crow’s feet, and under-eye puffiness. Featuring a selection of luxurious and lightweight skincare products, IS Clinical’s EyeCare collection supports the delicate skin around your eyes while delivering nourishing hydration, essential nutrition, and potent antioxidants to keep you looking younger and healthier for longer.

IS Clinical Ranges - FACIALS


Offering a luxurious, powerful, and super effective facial protocol for any skin type or concern, IS Clinical Facials treatments offer everything you need to experience spa-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home. From warming honey cleansers to intensive cooling masques, IS Clinical Facials packages soothe and revitalize the skin while reinvigorating, restoring natural hydration balance, and tackling a wide array of skin concerns.

IS Clinical Ranges - LIP CARE

Lip Care

Revitalize and protect your lips with the Lip Care collection by IS Clinical. Delivering visibly smoother, hydrated, and more defined lips, Lip Care polishes and elixirs gently exfoliate dry, chapped lips while nourishing and plumping without irritation. Whether you’re looking to minimize the appearance of lip wrinkles, revitalize dehydrated lips, or simply protect your lips against environmental damage, the IS Clinical Lip Care collection offers everything you need to perfect your lips.

IS Clinical - SERUMS


Designed to visibly improve all major concerns and developed using scientifically advanced and highly innovative botanically based ingredients, IS Clinical Serums offer multi-tasking formulas that drastically improve the skin’s appearance. Ideal for all skin types and ages, these advanced technology-based serums offer superior antioxidants, exclusive EXTREMOZYME technology, and support cellular regeneration and metabolism to leave you with a brighter, clearer complexion and irresistibly radiant skin.

IS Clinical Ranges - SUNSCREENS


IS Clinical’s Sunscreens collection offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that both helps prevent sunburn and protects you from the visible signs of photoaging. Offering a luxurious, transparent, and non-greasy finish, IS Clinical Sunscreens offer cutting-edge formulations enriched with micronized minerals and antioxidants to protect the skin against harmful UV rays and lessen the risk factors associated with melanoma without the risk of sensitivity, inflammation, or irritation.

IS Clinical Ranges - COLLECTIONS-&-KITS

Collections & Kits

IS Clinical Collections & Kits feature specially selected regimen sets created to address the most common skin concerns as simply and as efficiently as possible. Each unique Collection & Kit includes products from IS Clinical’s signature Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate, and Protect steps designed to improve the appearance of blemishes, skin irritation, hyperpigmentation while protecting the skin and helping you achieve a more youthful, glowing complexion.

IS Clinical Ranges


The Soothing collection by IS Clinical offers a carefully curated selection of balms, cooling masques, and more designed to deliver intense and soothing hydration to dry, sensitive, or compromised skin. Working to support the skin’s natural function by nurturing and protecting it, the soothing collection offers clinically proven environmental protection and relief while moisturizing and improving your skin’s overall appearance.