Vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, and vitamin b.

Brain Health

The brain is the most intricate organ in the human body, so it pays to treat it right. Created using
a carefully selected blend of natural active ingredients fortified with essential vitamins and
minerals, Solgar Brain Health supplements for adults have been designed to better support
cognitive health and function by delivering body ready, quick-absorbing natural nootropics and
brain vitamins better and faster than ever before. Once you’ve experienced how incredibly
simple it is to stay sharp, you’ll never want to go back!

A bottle of vitamin c, magnesium, and boron.

Bone & Joint

More bone and cartilage is broken down than produced as we age, bringing along with it a
myriad of potential issues including weak bones, joint pains, and osteoporosis. Solgar Bone and
Joint tablets and supplements provide your body with the building blocks it needs to keep bones
healthy and strong while supporting overall bone and joint health, ensuring you’re able to keep
living life to the fullest.

Artichoke leaf extract - 60 capsules.

Diet & Detox

Formulated using naturally sourced ingredients, Solgar Diet and Detox pills and supplements
are designed to help support your metabolism and provide your body with intense antioxidants
to improve overall health. Leveraging premium botanical extracts long known for their health
benefits, such as artichoke leaf extract and dandelion root extract, Solgar Diet & Detox
supplements make for the perfect accompaniment to a varied balanced diet and healthy

Selenium bc complex 30 tablets.


Not just for health, Solgar Beauty supplements help improve your overall skin and appearance
while fighting against the effects of concerns such as skin ageing. From their multi-purpose
Skin, Nails & Hair supplements to their Ultimate B + C Complex, Solgar Beauty supplements
provide the vitamins and nutrients that can’t be easily delivered externally and include some of
the best supplements for healthy, glowing skin available on the market.

Artichoke leaf extract - 60 capsules.

Digestive Health

Solgar Digestive Health supplements feature specialised combinations of digestive enzymes
that support the breakdown of various nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates in your digestive
system. Helping your body extract essential nutrients from the food you eat, Solgar’s digestive
enzyme supplements have been designed to actively support your digestive system while
naturally supporting and maintaining ongoing digestive health and abdominal comfort through
proven natural extracts and probiotics.

A bottle of ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba.


Through a blend of quality energizing vitamins and extracts, Solgar Energy supplements reduce
tiredness and fatigue by boosting energy levels to help you stay alert and focused no matter the
time of the day. Different to synthetic “energy pills,” all ingredients used in Solgar Energy

supplements are naturally sourced and come with benefits that go beyond simply keeping you
awake. Whether you’re looking for a pre-work supplement or want to ensure you maintain peak
performance throughout the day, Solgar Energy has you covered.

Natural source organic beta carotene 60 softgels.

Eye Health

As we continue the spend more time in front of our screens in both our personal and work lives,
our eyes are constantly subjected to increased levels of strain. This not only makes us look tired
but also has a detrimental effect on overall eye health. Solgar Eye Health supplements help
counter this by delivering the essential vitamins and nutrients our eyes need in concentrations
far greater than we can get through our regular diets.

Magnesium citrate 100mg & 200mg.

Heart Health

Keep your heart in tip-top condition with Solgar’s range of Heart Health supplements. Packed
with vital vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, Solgar Heart Health supplements work to support
your daily wellbeing by ensuring you receive your daily recommended intake of essential
nutrients. All ingredients used in Solgar Heart Health supplements are naturally and responsibly
sourced to meet the brand’s exceptionally high standards, so you can rest assured you’re
getting the best of the best with Solgar Heart Health supplements.

A bottle of beta glucosalea, a bottle of beta glucosalea,.

Immune Support

No matter whether you need extra immune support over the winter or after increased exercise
or physical stress, keep yourself and your loved ones protected with Solgar’s range of Immune
Support supplements. Fortified with vital immune boosters like Ester-C, Solgar’s highly potent
multivitamin and herbal extract tablets work around the clock to reduce your chances of getting
ill and help support your natural immune system for daily vitality.

A bottle of hydroxy citric acid and a bottle of hydroxy citric acid.

Men’s Health

The Solgar Men’s Health range offers additional support for men leading busy lifestyles through
a selection of health supplements and muiltivitamins for men. From conventional one-a-day
essential fatty acid softgel tablets to more advanced, specialised Phytosterol Complex
supplements designed to help lower cholesterol levels, all Men’s Health supplements have been
specially formulated to support key areas of men’s health and overall wellbeing.

A bottle of little sour's chewable dna and a bottle of little sour's .

Children’s Health

For parents wanting to supplement a healthy, balanced diet to support the growth and
development of their precious little ones. Based on a combination of nutritional expertise and
decades of scientific expertise, the Solgar Children’s Health range was designed to support
children’s healthy lifestyle habits by supplementing the crucial vitamins and minerals they
receive from their diets to ensure they get exactly what they need.

A bottle of whey protein, whey protein powder, and carnitine.

Sport & Fitness

Keep on top of your fitness regime with Solgar’s range of Sport and Fitness supplements.
Created for active individuals looking to supplement their diets to achieve optimal performance,
Solgar Sport & Fitness supplements cover everything from natural whey protein powders to a
full spectrum of comprehensive vitamin and mineral complexes designed to maintain the results
you’ve strived to achieve and help your body recover from strenuous exercise.

Three bottles of horse chestnut seed extract.

Daily Wellbeing

Try as you might, keeping up with all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to maintain
optimal health in today’s modern world is no easy feat. When combined with a healthy and
balanced diet, Solgar’s high potency Daily Wellbeing mineral and vitamin supplements can help
bridge the gap between poor nutrition and optimal health by providing you with essential
nutrients that support your daily wellbeing and make it easier for you to maintain peak health.

A bottle of hydroxy citric acid and a bottle of hydroxy citric acid.

Women’s Health

With women all over the world leading more demanding lifestyles, it’s understandable that some
may find it difficult to ensure their bodies are getting what they need at all times. And that’s
where Solgar’s range of Women’s Health supplements come in. Specially formulated for
women, Solgar Women’s Health supplements have been designed to provide women with a
quick and easy way to get the essential vitamins and minerals they need to continue living
happy and healthy lives.

Three bottles of asafoetida, ashwaganda, and eshwaganda.

Stress & Sleep

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and unnecessary stress! To many, stress is an unavoidable
consequence of daily life and, in some cases, can affect our sleep patterns and moods. Rather
than rely on synthetic melatonin and other non-naturally produced stress-reducing agents,
Solgar’s Stress & Sleep range has been crafted using carefully selected herbal extracts and
vitamins for an all-natural solution to conventional sleeping pill and stress aids.