BioMedical Emporium

Two bottles of biomedical emporium facial repair cream.

Advanced Skin Serums

Advanced Skin Serums is a range of scientifically formulated skin serums created to treat a
wide variety of skin concerns at a molecular level by stimulating and supporting the body’s
natural therapeutic responses. Leveraging the maximum amounts of active ingredients at
optimal concentrations, the Advanced Skin Serums range boasts everything from face
cleansers, collagen serums, and Vitamin E serums to potent anti-acne serums, hyaluronic
fillers, and even a shave-relief serum.

A bottle of ovulation cream and a tube of ovulation cream from the biomedical emporium.

Maternology Range

Maternology by BioMedical Emporium is a specialized range of skincare products designed to
support women from preconception right up to childbirth. Created using the same advanced
dermatological formulations they’re known for, BioMedical Emporium take extra care with their
Maternology range to ensure that only the gentlest ingredients are used, while still providing the
same high level of treatment the rest of their products are known for.

Biomedical emporium vitamin & eye care set.

Silver Diamond Range

BioMedical Emporium’s Silver Diamond range consists of some of the most scientifically
advanced skincare products available on the market today. Silver Diamond products are
designed to go above and beyond conventional skincare products and offer a variety of
treatments including skin complexion correcting, enzymatic therapy, deep cleansing,
stretchmark, and cellulite therapy, and revolutionary peptide therapy created using the brand’s
proprietary tertiary tissue-protective peptide technology.

A bottle of biomedical skin biotin collagen from Biomedical Emporium.

Specialised Products

Featuring a range of specialised skincare products designed to treat specific concerns, BioMedical Emporium’s range of Specialised Products goes above and beyond what conventional skincare brands offer. Filling gaps in the market through products such as the
Complexion Corrector roll-on deodorant, superb Q10 Tissue Oil, nourishing scalp serum, and
unique Skin Biotic skin supplements BioMedical Emporium’s extensive product line and Specialist Product range ensure no stone is left unturned.

Bio Baby

Bio Baby Range

Scientifically formulated using biosimilar microbiota to restore and balance the biodiversity of compromised and vulnerable skin, BioMedical Emporium’s Bio-Baby Range is designed with your little one in mind. Free of allergens, irritants, phenoxyethanol, fragrances, dyes, and parabens, Bio-Baby gels, creams, lotions, and washes feature delicate ingredients chosen specifically to boost your baby’s dermatological immunity without compromising their already sensitive skin.

Two bottles of a product from Biomedical Emporium on a white background.

RX Range

A revolution in therapeutic skincare, BioMedical Emporium’s premium RX Range brings the latest advancements in skin therapy technologies into the palm of your hand, uniquely delivered through bio-engineered complexes and exclusive topical administration protocols. Echoing the precision and superior treatment quality of the brand’s other renowned ranges, the RX Range is uniquely tailored for all skin types and suited to tackle a diverse array of skin disorders, with each product boasting a high concentration of medical-grade active ingredients to ensure the delivery of remarkable results.