Matis hydrating cream and matis moisturizing cream.

Body Range

Matis Body Range is a collection of cutting-edge body care products designed to care for you
from head to toe. From hand creams to full-body moisturisers, the Matis Body range caters to
those essential body beauty needs stemming from factors like temperature, lifestyle, diet, and
hormonal influence, and offers comprehensive comfort, nutrition, hydration, and protection when
it’s needed the most.

Matis paris night cream and bottle.

Caviar Collection

The Caviar Collection by Matis symbolizes the brand’s revival and consists of Matis’s best face
cleansers, face serums, and eye creams. Featuring exceptional products, sensuous formulas,
incredible textures, 360-degree anti-aging action, the latest designs, and ultra-premium
materials, the Caviar collection is the epitome of French-style luxury skincare. Treat yourself to
the very best Matis has to offer, you deserve it!

Matis cell regenerating serum 30ml.

Cell Expert

Rich in proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, Cell Expert is Matis’s signature anti-ageing face and
neck serum. Rich in vegetal stem cells extracted from white roses and formulated using the
brand’s exclusive MatiStem CC active ingredient, Cell Expert spreads and diffuses potent active
ingredients across the skin to restore, regenerate, and protect skin cells while prolonging their
life and supporting the skin’s natural cell renewal process.

Matis skin care - matis skin care - matis skin care - matis skin care - matis skin care -.

Radiance Range

The Matis Radiance range helps restore and bring out your natural radiance with a selection of
creams, toners, and micellar cleansers that even out skin complexion and reduce imperfections
like spots and redness. Formulated using signature complexes, like the brand’s own
Chromoskin Complex, combined with light-reflecting pigments and potent active ingredients, the
Radiance Range by Matis offers immediate brightness and is suitable for a variety of skin types.

Matis retinol cream and matis retinol cream.


Offering a cosmetic alternative to aesthetic medicine, Correctives is a range inspired by
cosmetic surgery techniques and created using the latest advances in medicine, molecular, and
cellular biology. Fortified with hyaluronic acid, Corrective serums, skin toners, masks, and face
peels offer intense plumping and anti-wrinkle solutions to correct the early signs of aging and fill
in fine lines and wrinkles while improving your skin’s overall appearance.

Matis re-energise eye cream and matis re-energise eye cream.

Delicate Care

Delicate Care features a range of serums, creams, scrubs, peels, and toners dedicated to
balancing, comforting, and soothing sensitive skin. The entire skincare range is enriched with
Matis’ exclusive Sensibiotic complex, an essential complex designed to rebalance and maintain
your skin’s natural ecosystem while restoring protective barriers and improving tolerance.
Dermatologically tested and free of irritants, Delicate Care skincare products are suitable for all
types of sensitive and reactive skin.

Matis anti-aging cream and a bottle on a white background.

Density Range

More than just a corrective range, Density by Matis specifically targets the tell-tale signs of
ageing that affect women in their forties. Created using exotic and powerful active ingredients
blended with plant-based complexes, collagens, lipids, peptides, and more, Matis Density
creams and serums both nourish and help turn back the clock on aging skin for a more
refreshed, healthier, and youthful appearance.

Matis hair care set.

Fundamental Care

Matis Fundamental Care is a comprehensive range of masks, oils, essences, scrubs, milks,
creams, foams, and cleansers focused on preventing ageing and helping you preserve your
youth. A vital part of any daily regimen, Fundamental Care anti-ageing skincare products
quickly absorb into the skin to hydrate and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while restoring
your skin’s natural radiance.

Matis hydrating gel and moisturizing cream.

Matis for Men

Specially designed for men’s skin, Matis for Men is a collection of products dedicated to helping
men achieve and maintain effortlessly flawless skin. Featuring daily essentials such as
aftershave balms, daily moisturisers, anti-aging creams, and an energising 2-in-1 shower gel,
the Matis for Men collection ensures all needs are well taken care of and your skin stays clean,
soft, and healthy throughout the day.

Matis anti-ageing skin care set.


The ultimate in aging prevention, the Preventive range by Matis has been designed to provide
tailor-made and comprehensive aging prevention solutions for all skin types. With masks,
serums, creams, and balms created to perfectly complement your existing daily regimen, Matis
Preventive products nourish and protect your skin against external environmental ageing factors
like UV light, pollution, and harsh weather as you go about your day.

Mattis regenerating purée & mattis regenerating purée.

Purity Range

Ideal for oily, combination, or blemish-prone skin, the Matis Purity range restores radiance and
purity without depriving your skin of essential moisture. Designed to manage oil and sebum
production while cleansing and restoring the skin, the Purity Range visibly minimizes pores and
evens out complexion and skin imperfections, leaving you with beautifully matte, perfectly
refreshed, and healthier-looking skin day in day out.

Matis face care set.

Eye Skin Care

The Matis Eye Skin Care range offers everything you need to highlight the natural beauty of
your eyes. Strengthening, protecting, and restoring the fine and sensitive skin around your eyes,
Eye Skin Care under eye creams, serums, and treatments do everything from toning and
nourishing skin to eliminating puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines while delivering essential
nourishment and restoring natural radiance.

Matis spf 30 spf 50 spf 50 spf 50 spf 50 sp.


Matis Sun Care products are designed to protect your skin against the damaging and ageing
effects of UV radiation while locking in moisture, softening the skin, and managing dehydration.
Whether you’re looking to protect your fair skin or channel your inner bronze goddess, Matis
Sun Care sun protection creams and tanning lotions are worth their weight in gold on any hot
summer’s day.

Matis night cream and a tube of night cream.

Eclat Range

Offering a complete solution for recharging the skin while restoring vibrant vitality, the Matis Eclat range targets all the issues caused by tired skin, including dull and uneven complexions, signs of fatigues, and fine lines and wrinkles. By simultaneously refining skin texture and improving natural cell renewal, Eclat serums, lotions, creams, and masks visibly revitalize the skin and restore its natural radiance.