Lintar gel 1 - 250ml.

Gel 1

Designed for the effective treatment of psoriasis and eczema, Linotar Gel 1 repairs, hydrates, and restores the skin’s natural barrier while offering itch relief and reducing skin flaking and scaling. Formulated using Linotar’s clinically proven and patented Emzaloid Technology, Linotar Gel 1 provides the essential fatty acids your body is unable to produce and delivers therapeutic coal tar where it’s needed the most.

Lino cream with a box next to it.


Offering deep, moisturising skin repair for dry and damaged skin, Linotar Linocream is the perfect accompaniment to the brand’s iconic Linotar Gel 1. Fortified with Vitamin E and enriched with Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids, Linotar Linocream is proven to effectively reduce the number and size of psoriasis lesions while replacing lost moisture and minimizing skin itch, flaking, and scaling.

A bottle of linsoscalp with a box next to it.

Linoscalp Conditioner

Specially developed to treat psoriasis and eczema long-term, Linotar Linoscalp Conditioner is a leave-in conditioner formulated to retain the scalp’s natural moisture without leaving hair feeling greasy. Rich in fatty Omega acids and collagen, Linotar Linoscalp Conditioner helps activate the scalp’s natural repair mechanism to relieve symptoms associated with psoriasis while helping to prevent new flare ups, redness, scaling, and itching.