Two ikoo hair brushes on a black background.

E-Styler Jet Collection

Designed to fit into any handbag, E-Styler Jet brushes offer portable styling perfection and are
built using 37 individual ceramic coated plates to ensure even heat application without the need
for any extra styling tools. Harnessing cutting-edge Ionic Technology, E-Styler Jet brushes heat
up in just 1–2 minutes and glide effortlessly through the hair to deliver tug free, pain-free styling
and silkier, happier hair. Perfect for refreshing your style when you’re out and about.

An ikoo hair brush with blue and yellow bristles on a black background.

Home Brushes

Ikoo’s original Home Brushes collection is where it all began. Characterised by their unique,
timeless design, Ikoo Home Brushes replace daily combing and brushing with a new
harmonising and nurturing effect closer to a spa experience. Created using the brand’s
innovative bristle architecture, Ikoo Home Brushes gently detangle hair while delivering a
wellness scalp massage based on traditional Chinese massage techniques to bring a whole
new level of pampering to a once mundane chore.

Two white spatulas with an ikoo on them.

Paddle X Collection

Tame your wild locks and achieve goddess-like hair with Ikoo’s stylish Paddle X Collection of
paddle brushes. Designed exclusively for blow-drying and styling, the unique shape of Paddle X
brushes helps vent out excess hot air during styling to ensure silky smooth and fabulously
voluminous hair every time. Incorporating the same innovative bristle architecture as other
popular Ikoo brush collections, Paddle X brushes fit perfectly whether you’re left or right-handed
and are suitable for all types of straight hair.

Two pink and gold ikoo combs on a black background.

Pocket Brushes

The Ikoo Pocket Brush collection offers pain-free brushing in a convenient size that easily fits
into any handbag or travel bag. Perfect for wet or dry hair, Ikoo Pocket Brushes are mini
versions of their iconic ergonomically shaped concave brushes and offer the same detangling,
massaging, and harmonizing benefits in a smaller package. Available in a range of stylish
colours and sold with a convenient protective case, an Ikoo Pocket Brush is a perfect travel
companion to keep your hair looking amazing anytime, anywhere.