Pharmaceutics a - cream 50 ml.

Allergic & Sensitive Ski

Offering a variety of cleansing, face care, and specialised products made especially for those suffering from allergies or sensitive skin, Pharmaceris’ range of Allergic & Sensitive Skin skincare products are designed to keep sensitive to hypersensitive skin healthy and looking good at all times. Leveraging the brand’s innovative, advanced scientific formulas for maximum effect without irritation, all Pharmaceris Allergic & Sensitive Skin products are clinically and dematologically tested for high tolerance and efficacy.

A tube of emotropic spf 50 cream and a tube of emotropic spf 50.

Emotopic Range

Featuring specialised skincare products for dry to very dry skin, atopic eczema, and other similar conditions, Pharmaceris’ Emotopic Range offers products formulated using natural oils enriched with ceramides and lipids to provide optimal hydration during even the most severe of skin changes while creating a natural protective layer on the skin’s surface to protect against the intensification and reoccurrence of troublesome skin changes.

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Fluid Foundations

Crafted to address the needs of problem skin types, the Pharmaceris Fluid Foundations range consists of innovative foundations incorporating the latest technologies in a light, creamy texture to deliver long-lasting coverage of skin imperfections for up to 10 hours while offering daily SPF protection against the harmful effects of UVA/UVB radiation and still allowing the skin to breathe freely.

Pharmecens n - 1 hydrating cream and n - 1 moisturizing cream.

Dilated Capillaries

Delivering daily care for reddened skin with dilated and broken blood vessels, Pharmaceris Dilated Capillaries products strengthen and constrict the walls of blood vessels to effectively reduce redness and prevent persistent erythema. Offering added protection against environmental aggressors while improving blood and lymph circulation, the Pharmaceris Dilated Capillaries range is 100% free of parabens and allergens, and is clinically and dermatologically tested to ensure suitability and efficacy for even hyper-reactive skin.

Pharmacers spf 50 lotion and spf 50 spray.

Sun Protection

Offering something for the whole family, Pharmaceris’ advanced range of Sun Protection products is designed to protect delicate, sensitive, or problem skin needing extra protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation while caring for the skin’s overall health. Developed using a cutting-edge dual anti-UV mechanism, Pharmaceris Sun Protection products are ideal for those currently undergoing or recovering from dermatological treatments, aesthetic surgery, or cosmetic procedures.

Pharmacers t15 octinox face cream and t15 octinox face cream.

Acne Skin

Providing safe and comprehensive care and conditioning for acne-prone skin, Pharmaceris Acne Skin skincare products feature carefully selected active ingredients like mandelic acid and H202 to normalize oil production while cleansing and purifying the skin to minimize and prevent future breakouts. Delivering proven high tolerance and high efficacy, all Pharmaceris Acne Skin products are hypoallergenic and suitable for daily use.