Milkshake color care sham with three bottles on a white background.

Colour Care

Milkshake Colour Care shampoos and conditioners have been specially developed for colour
treated hair. Formulated using a combination of casein and wheat proteins, Milkshake’s Colour
Care shampoos and conditioners also incorporate the brand’s exclusive and Integrity 41
complex and are infused with a gorgeous sweet milk fragrance. Designed to protect and
preserve colour, Colour Care products come with the added benefits of strengthening hair while
leaving it silky smooth, shiny, and smelling incredible.

Milkshake hair care set.

Moisture Plus

Cleanse, hydrate, and strengthen with Milkshake’s Moisture Plus shampoos and conditioners
for dry hair. Created to improve softness and manageability while maintaining an optimal
moisture balance, Milkshake Moisture Plus products harness the powers of hyaluronic acid, milk
proteins, and organic fruit extracts to lock in maximum moisture, offering long-lasting radiance
and irresistibly lustrous hair that’s full of vitality from the very first application.

Milkshake invigorating hair care set.

Integrity System

Milkshake Integrity System nourishes, transform, restructures, and restores while improving
overall hair health and shine. Using a blend of exotic Muru Muru butter along with a variety of
organic ingredients and extracts, Integrity System oils, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments
for dry and damaged hair work to protect and repair your hair from damage caused by everyday
stresses like blow-drying, leaving it visibly nourished and more radiant.

A bottle of milk and honey hair spray and a bottle of milk and honey hairspray.

Leave-In Treatments

Milkshake Leave-In Treatments are without a doubt some of the best and most versatile leave-
in hair conditioning treatments available today. Enriched with milk proteins and Milkshake’s own Integrity 41 complex, Milkshake Leave-In Treatments condition and restructure your hair to
improve overall softness and manageability without weighing it down or leaving a greasy
buildup. Suitable for all hair types, Leave-In Treatments make for the perfect addition to any hair

Milk make silver shine sham and conditioner.

Silver Shine

Silver Shine by Milkshake offers the ultimate toning, conditioning, and shine solution for anyone
wanting to maintain pristine, cool blonde tresses. Crafted using a specially selected violet
pigment that neutralises brassy or unwanted golden tones and supplemented with milk proteins
and vitamin-rich organic extracts, Silver Shine gently conditions your hair while maintaining
optimal moisture and preserving colour. Perfect for blonde, grey, white, or lightened hair.

Three bottles of milk shake mixed cream.

Colour Whipped Cream

Milkshake’s best-selling leave-in conditioning treatment for coloured hair, Colour Whipped
Cream offers no-rinse conditioning and protection to guarantee manageability, hydration, shine,
and nourishment. Featuring a selection of seven gorgeous colours, each Colour Whipped
Cream leave-in conditioning foam is infused with its own enchanting fruity fragrance and
naturally revives colour while providing delicate, temporary tones to keep your hair looking
fabulous between salon visits.

Milkshake sensual mint shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

Sensorial Mint

Milkshake Sensorial Mint is a marvellously delicate, yet energizing, range of shampoos,
conditioners, and cooling sprays infused with organic mint, sage, and fruit extracts fortified with
milk proteins and vitamins for wonderfully vibrant, glossy, and hydrated hair at any time.
Paraben and sulphate free, the Sensorial Mint range has been designed for frequent use and all
hair types, making for the ultimate post-workout range or pick-me-up on hot summer days.

Three bottles of milk and honey hair care products.

Sweet Camomile

The perfect summer range, Milkshake Sweet Chamomile shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in
sprays leverage the well-known benefits of chamomile and organic honey to enhance blonde
hair and leave it noticeably softer. Chamomile flower extract revives the natural highlights,
leaving hair shinier and more radiant while organic honey nourishes and conditions, rendering
hair velvety soft, silky smooth, and full of stunning natural highlights. Ideal for blonde or fair hair.

Two bottles of shampoo and conditioner on a black background.

Volume Solution

The ultimate volume enhancing solution. Developed to provide exceptional body and volume
from the first application, Volume Solution takes carefully selected organic natural ingredients
and combines them with rich milk proteins to gently cleanse hair while breathing new life into
limp, lifeless hair without weighing it down. Great for natural or fine hair, Milkshake Volume
Solution strengthens from the root and adds resistance to hair fibres to facilitate styling and
ensure long-lasting volume.

Milk & honey cut passion shampoo & conditioner.

Curl Passion

Specially formulated for curls, Curl Passion is designed to keep curls soft, manageable, and
stunningly beautiful while eliminating the all-too-common frizz caused by lack of hydration.
Packed with organic ingredients and natural goodness, the paraben-free Curl Passion range
helps curls stay bouncy and flexible long-term while locking in hydration to keep hair softer and
more manageable without adding weight. The ultimate range for curly hair.

A bottle of milkshake and a bottle of water.

No Frizz

Milkshake’s anti-frizz solution. Milkshake’s No Frizz range leaves your hair softer, smoother,
and shinier while protecting it against frizz. Enhanced with powerful antioxidants derived from
date seed and Abyssinian oils, No Frizz hair treatments and products preserve hair colour while
sealing in moisture and protecting against factors that contribute to frizz, such as weather and
heat styling. Suitable for all hair types and ideal for frizz-prone hair.

Milk shake argan oil.


Perfect for frizzy and coarse hair types, Milkshake Argan hair conditioning treatments are
created using exotic argan oil to delicately cleanse and hydrate hair while adding softness and
shine for a voluminous, more radiant effect. What’s more, this prized extract adds a luxurious
sent and feel to hair and offers intense enriching properties that instantly benefit the hair,
reducing the time it takes to blow dry and protecting it against the stresses of heat styling.

Two bottles of milkshake daily shampoo and conditioner.

Daily Frequent

Milkshake’s award-winning daily hair care treatment range. Milkshake Daily Frequent has been
formulated to care for regular or dry hair that requires frequent washing while protecting it
against colour fading and drying out. Using a combination of milk proteins and apple extracts to
hydrate, protect, and moisturise the hair, the SLS and paraben-free Daily Frequent range is
perfect for active women needing to wash and condition every day.

Active yoghurt mask - milk natural care.

Natural Care

Offering a natural alternative to nourish and nurture the hair. The best-selling Milkshake Natural
Care range features nourishing deep conditioning masks and treatments crafted using all-
natural milk proteins, extracts, vitamins, and oils that work alongside Milkshake’s Integrity 41
complex to restructure, strengthen, and condition hair while adding body and keeping it looking
at its best. Suitable for all types of untreated or colour-treated hair.

Three bottles of milk and honey hair care products.

Scalp Care

Scalp Care is Milkshake’s first targeted range developed specifically to improve scalp health
and help protect it from the effects of a busy daily lifestyle. Utilizing innovative formulas to
cleanse, normalize, and energize the scalp, Scalp Care shampoos, conditioners, and hair
treatments delicately cleanse the scalp and gently remove residue buildup while tackling
common scalp and hair issues including dandruff, excess oil, and thinning hair.

A bottle of milk and honey body lotion and a bottle of milk and honey body lotion.


The Milkshake Lifestyling range of styling aids ensures you’re able to create professional
hairstyles without resorting to chemical hair products. Keeping up with Milkshake’s commitment
to using naturally sourced ingredients, Lifestyling includes natural styling aids created using
combinations of milk proteins, organic fruit extracts, vitamins, and more to add definition to an
infinite array of styles without compromising quality.

Milk shake pink shampoo and conditioner.

Pink Lemonade

Specially crafted for blonde and lightened locks, Milkshake Pink Lemonade imports a charming touch of pink, blending milk proteins and grapefruit extract to create a splash of fun while maintaining hair’s natural vibrancy and health. Offering a refreshing and whimsical haircare alternative, Milkshake Pink Lemonade shampoos and conditioners elevate your hair’s beauty and vitality with a blend of nourishing ingredients, ensuring every strand is soft, manageable, and radiant. Whether you crave a subtle whisper of pink or a vibrant splash, Pink Lemonade is your gateway to an enchanting hair experience!