Color Range

The Heliocare Color Range combines powerful sun protection with daily colour to protect against photo-ageing, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. Ideal as a foundation for fluid makeup products, Color Range products feature oil-free formulas with antioxidants and restorative ingredients to combine Heliocare’s signature photoprotection with hydrating, high-quality creams and foundations that seamlessly blend into the skin to create a uniform complexion. Suitable for a wide range of skin types, including normal, dry, and oily.


Advanced Range

Offering lightweight, invisible sun protection, the Heliocare Advanced Range is formulated using Heliocare’s proprietary Fernblock® technology designed to protect against harmful free radicals in the environment. Fortified with a specialized blend of antioxidants to fight back against the ageing effects of the sun and free radicals, Heliocare Advanced Range products are fast-absorbing, noncomedogenic, and perfect for all skin types, especially mixed or oily.


Ultra Range

Potent, yet lightweight sun protection, Heliocare Ultra capsules and sunscreens offer SPF 50+ protection against prolonged sun exposure. Specially designed for paler and more sensitive skin types, or those who spend periods of increased exposure under the intense sun, Ultra Range products are dermatologically tested, noncomedogenic, and packed with beneficial antioxidants and active ingredients that protect, neutralise, and repair sun damage.