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Effective against all types of thinning hair, Thymuskin Classic shampoos and serums are formulated using a combination of GKL-02 active complex to combat thinning hair and premium hair care ingredients. Silicon-free and paraben-free, this best-selling anti-thinning haircare range rejuvenates the hair follicle and infuses vital nutrients into the hair and scalp to stimulate growth and protect against further hair loss.

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Ideal against strong thinning hair and for sensitive hair and scalp conditions where balding is already present, the Thymuskin Med range features 25% more GKL-02 active complex than the Classic range. Suitable for both men and women, Thymuskin Med prolongs the hair’s natural growth cycle while protecting against DHT and other harmful enzymes and rejuvenating root hair follicles through caring and nurturing formulations.

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Designed to be used against very strong thinning hair, Thymuskin Forte provides intensive treatment for damaged and exhausted hair and scalps. Containing double the amount of the potent GKL-02 active complex found in the Classic range, Thymuskin Forte is perfect for those who need that extra bit of help with visible bald spots after years of hair thinning or when undergoing specific medical treatment where hair thinning is a side effect.

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Intensive Hair Care

Specifically developed to be used alongside the brand’s Classic, Med, and Forte ranges, Thymuskin Intensive Hair Care helps ensure your hair is not only nourished and protected but also looks healthy and well-groomed. Suitable for all types of normal, thinning, or damaged hair, Thymuskin Intensive Hair Care products give hair structure and body while providing moisture, shine, and smoothness through premium hair care ingredients.

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The Thymuskin Regeneration range was developed especially to support the treatment of seborrheic eczema. Delivering regenerative scalp care while regulating dandruff and relieving irritation, Thymuskin Regeneration shampoos are suitable for both men and women and formulated using a combination of the brand’s exclusive GKL-02 thymus peptides and herbal active ingredients to boost immune defence in both hair and skin cells.

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Active Intimate Care

Delivering intimate care for dry, itchy skin, Thymuskin’s Active Intimate Care range reduces itching while stabilizing, regenerating, and normalizing the skin. Formulated using a proprietary thymic peptide-active agent, Thymuskin Active Intimate Care products offer highly effective intimate care for both men and women free from parabens, dyes, perfume, and animal components. Suitable for all skin types including very sensitive skin.