A bottle of moducar on a white background.

Moducare 90 Tabs

Crafted using a patented combination of plant sterols and sterolins, Moducare helps bring overall balance to your immune system. Moducare is ideal for those with an underactive or overactive immune system and formulated using concentrated and naturally occurring plant fats found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, offering daily immune support that can be taken along with other natural supplements.

Modocare plus with anti-oxidants and antioxidants.

Moducare Plus 60

Moducare Plus features the same renowned, patented Moducate formulation and comes with added antioxidants and vitamins to support both immune system function and overall good health. Using the patented plant sterol and sterolin ratio of 100:1, Moducare Plus capsules are suitable for adults and children over 12 years, and can be taken twice daily to balance both underactive and overactive immune systems.