Serra body care set by Lamelle, perfect for sensitive skin.


Dry skin isn’t just seasonal moisture loss, it can happen year-round regardless of the weather. If you
constantly suffer from dry skin, then you’ll need something stronger than a simple cream or moisturiser.
The Serra range by Lamelle unlocks, repairs, and restores the body’s natural lipid bilayer to attract and
lock in moisture while calming and soothing sensitive, dry, or inflamed skin. As an added bonus, Serra
face cleansers and restore creams work to balance out your skin’s pH levels to boost its overall health
and immune function.

Lamelle skin care kit for sensitive skin.


The Lamelle Corrective range features an array of effective face serums and creams to give your skin an
intensive boost when you need it most. Designed to work with your existing skin regimen, Correctives
serums and creams are packed with concentrated, cutting-edge ingredients that supercharge your
existing regimen and help deliver the results you want quicker. From vitamin C and retinol serums to
anti-ageing and hydration supplements, the Correctives range by Lamelle has you covered.

Iamele cell repair kit from Lamelle for Sensitive Skin.


Fortified with ceramides, essential fatty acids, and advanced hydrating compounds, Dermaheal face
cleansers and serums offer a powerful age-correction solution that boosts both skin cell turnover and
collagen synthesis while soothing and relieving sensitive and dry skin. This is all achieved thanks to
Lamelle’s unique three-pronged approach to combating the signs of aging, focusing on the deepest, root
causes of ageing to grow and repair skin instead of simply covering up lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

Clarity skin care set with Lamelle products for sensitive skin.


Say goodbye to problematic skin with the Clarity range by Lamelle. Featuring a selection of specialized
gels, creams, and even a body spray, Clarity products attack problematic skin and pimples from two
angles, cleansing and supporting your skin from both the inside and out. This revolutionary range has
been proven to clear up to 88% of inflammatory acne lesions in just a few weeks of use, making it ideal
for anyone looking to either get rid of pimples or improve oily, acne-prone skin fast.

A box of Lamelle Products for Sensitive Skin.


Ovelle D3 is a skin-brightening and age-preventing oral supplement by Lavelle that promises radiant,
bright skin that’s 80% more UVA resistant — a promise that’s been proven time and time again.
Formulated using the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol®, Ovelle works by neutralizing free radicals and
minimizing protein-damaging enzymes while boosting natural hyaluronic acid synthesis to slow down
the ageing process and leave you with healthier, younger-looking skin.

A set of Lamelle products for the face, specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Lamelle’s Luminesce range is their most advanced pigmentation program to date, refined by over a
decade of extensive research and product development. Luminesce complexion creams, sunscreens,
and body cleansers utilize active ingredients proven to improve uneven skin tones, dark spots, and
dullness at the DNA level while safely protecting the skin from further damage. The perfect solution for
all skin types with pigmentation concerns.

Sensitive Skin Nourish skin care kit featuring Lamelle products


Nourish creams, eye creams, cleansers, and body care products help maintain healthier and more
youthful skin by leveraging their revolutionary damage-correcting enzymes and antioxidants to restore
skin and counteract aging. Acting as powerful protectors that allow your skin to keep taking care of itself
for longer, the Nourish range by Lamelle counteracts the accumulated effects of DNA damage and free
radicals through a combination of natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory agents that breathe new
life into skin and leaving it refreshed and revitalized.

Two bottles of Lamelle Products for Sensitive Skin, including a cleanser and moisturizer.

Skin Essence

Discover the only anti-ageing skincare primers you’ll ever need with Lamelle’s Skin Essence collection.
The range features a line of unique topical probiotic essences that help support the skin’s natural
microbiome and keep it functioning optimally to improve skin texture and firmness in record time,
leaving you with a more radiant and refined complexion. Lamelle Skin Essence products are suitable for
all skin types, and especially benefit those with sensitive or reactive skin.

A bottle of mascara and a bottle of eyeliner by Lamelle Products for Sensitive Skin.

Pelo Baum

The Pelo Baum range by Lamelle is made up of cilincally proven, premium treatments designed to
overcome and treat hair loss and hair thinnking in both women. Harnessing their scientific knowledge
and deep understanding of how the body works, Lamelle have invested in and developed a unique
biomimetic peptide complex that encourages and enhances hair growth. Not just for the hair on your
head, the Pelo Baum range also features one of the only effective eyelash growth enhancers on the
market today.

Helake spf 50 sun cream from Lamelle Products for Sensitive Skin.

Sun Care

Not only does Lamelle’s Helase Range protect against the harmful effects of the sun, but it also
destroys the harmful free radicals and enzymes that cause sagging and unsightly thinning — putting it
on a whole different level to ordinary SPF sunscreen. What’s more, it works to repair and restore DNA
damaged by harmful solar radiation, actively reversing the effects of ageing on the skin and restoring the
skin’s natural sunlight protection barriers to offer the perfect mix of sun protection and anti-ageing

Nia Sol


Scientifically developed to promote, enhance, and maintain skin health while minimising potential pre-cancerous skin lesions, Lamelle Nia-Sol gels, creams, and supplements protect and improve skin damaged from UV radiation from the inside-out. Perfect for improving the appearance of dry, red, flaky, and sun-damaged skin, Nia-Sol products are fortified with powerful ceramides and Vitamin B3 to rapidly improve the skin conditions and reduce the risks posed by excessive sun exposure.