A bottle of ref and a bottle of hairspray.

Cleansing & Conditioning

Inspired by natural beauty, the REF Cleansing & Conditioning range features carefully crafted,
shampoos, cleansers, conditioners, and styling aids designed to suit a wide range of hair types
and tread a variety of concerns. Formulated using 100% natural and vegan ingredients, REF
Cleansing & Conditioning products offer the perfect blend of nature and science in fine, yet
highly efficient haircare products that simply work.

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From sprays to pastes and concealers to waxes, REF’s Styling collection offers a vegan
alternative to high-performance styling products. Loved by salons and consumers across the
globe, each REF Styling product reflects the brand’s passion for innovation and features a
unique numbering system that defines the level of hold, shine, and volume the products add to
your style — the ultimate in user-friendliness!

Ref hair care set.


Featuring exotic and therapeutic marula and coconut oil, as well as a myriad of select botanical
extracts, the REF Treatment range comprises of specially developed leave-in treatments
designed to detangle, strengthen, repair, and protect the hair while adding moisture and shine.
Formulated using high quality, natural ingredients and non-toxic alternatives, REF leave-in
treatments and masks leverage the latest in hair care science to deliver 100% vegan, gluten-
free, sulphate free, and colour-safe alternatives to conventional hair treatments.