Two veaudry hair straighteners on a black background.

Veaudry Stylers

The answer to your hairstyling prayers, Veaudry Stylers take ceramic styling tools to the next
level. Harnessing the incredible powers of tourmaline, Veaudry straighteners and curlers heat
your hair from within to prevent damage to its outer layer while locking in moisture, enhancing
natural shine, and leaving it perfectly straight. Designed by leading stylists and technologists,
Veaudry’s small yet mighty range of hair styling tools have been crafted to the highest quality
standards and offer salon-quality styling at home.

Three veaudry hair brushes on a black background.

Veaudry Brushes & Grips

Featuring a range of salon professional hairbrushes and grips designed to ensure perfect
styling, Veaudry Brushes & Grips leverage the same semi-precious tourmaline ceramic used in
their stylers. This incredible mineral produces negative ions that help protect your hair from
within and lock in its natural moisture to leave it looking healthier and shinier. If you’re looking
for the ideal hair grip or clip or an effective detangling brush that glides effortlessly through your
hair, look no further than Veaudry.

A pink Veaudry hair dryer on a white background.

Veaudry Dryer

Elevate your styling experience with Veaudry Dryers, where technology meets elegance to offer an extraordinary styling revolution. Engineered for precision, Veaudry dryers are an amalgamation of power and convenience, ensuring that style is always at the tip of your fingers. With a remarkable blend of ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology, each dryer in the range promises a fast, efficient, and professional-grade performance.



A veaudry hair straightener on a white background.
12 Month Guarantee