Opi gel break nail polish in pink and beige.


Fortified with sodium hyaluronate and enriched with vitamins and bamboo extract, Gel Break by
OPI is a complete, quick-drying, and serum-infused nail treatment system designed to mask nail
imperfections and discolorations to create a healthy base to rejuvenate your nails. With a colour
for all skin tones, Gel Break leaves a sheer layer that naturally moisturises and perfects nails
while laying the perfect foundation for a manicure.

Opi infinite shine nail polishes.

Infinite Shine

Infinite Shine is a range of iconic nail primers, colours, glosses, and treatments that all come
together to form a comprehensive, 3-step system for long-lasting nail polish colour. With up to
11 days of wear and shine, Infinite Shine features signature OPI shades, including Bubble Bath
and I’m Not Really a Waitress, and is designed to provide long-lasting wear without the long-
term commitment. The perfect combination for modern women!

Opi nail envy in pink and white.

Nail Envy

Say goodbye to weak, damaged, and brittle nails with Nail Envy by OPI. Enriched with
hydrolysed wheat protein, calcium, specially selected antioxidants, and vitamins E & C, Nail
Envy prevents snaps and splits while strengthening and protecting nails and maintaining
flexibility. Available in a range of gorgeous shades, Nail Envy nail strengtheners are perfect as a
standalone treatment or as a base coat under your favourite nail lacquer.

Opi nail lacquer in peach and yellow.

Nail Lacquer

The ultimate DIY nail system. More durable, chip-resistant, quicker drying, and longer-lasting
than conventional nail polishes, OPI Nail Lacquers combine high-quality ingredients with high-
fashion and iconic names, pairing perfectly with the brand’s premium base and topcoats for
salon-quality manicures. With over 200 unique shades and colours, you simply can’t go wrong
with OPIs legendary and award-winning range of signature Nail Lacquers.

Opi nail lacquer in gold and yellow.

Mexico City Collection

The Mexico City Collection is a specially curated collection of premium OPI nail lacquers
inspired by the hot and spicy styles of this trendsetting city. The collection embodies Mexico
City’s extraordinary, vibrant colours, beautiful textiles, art, and culture and transforms them into
an exclusive collection of over 20 shades that jet sets you right into the heart of the city itself.

Opi infinite shine nail polish in blue and white.

Scotland Collection

From plaid kilts, bagpipes and the Loch Ness monster to the country’s beautiful rolling green
hills and vibrant foliage, the Scotland Collection by OPI features exclusive autumn colours
inspired by Scotland’s breathtakingly beautiful scenery, edgy fashion, and rich culture. Each nail
lacquer shade has been carefully crafted to represent a unique part of Scotland, from the
country’s famous love of plaid to its castles and world-renowned cuisine.

Opi nail lacquer in green and mint.

Tokyo Collection

From Harajuku girls to Comme de Garcons, Tokyo is a city that has rapidly become
synonymous with the latest fashion trends. It’s a place where trends are born and the birthplace
of some of the world’s most well-known designers. So, it’s only fitting that OPI took their
inspiration for their latest spring collection from the exciting and dynamic city that is Tokyo.
Featuring 12 vibrant shades, the Tokyo Collection truly encapsulates Tokyo’s endless energy
and creativity.

Opi start to finish nail polish.

Top And Base Coats

The key to making manicures last, OPI Top & Base Coats offer unbeatable protection and shine
no matter your style. Fortified with innovative ingredients selected to improve drying times and
offer superior protection for your natural nails, OPI Top & Base Coats promote long-lasting
results while minimizing chipping and preventing stains. It’s no wonder that all great manicures
start and finish with an OPI base and topcoat.

Opi gel color in red and blue.

Gel Color

Take your nails to the next level with the OPI Gel Color collection. Designed to stay shiny and chip-resistant for up to 3 weeks, OPI Gel Color cures in as little as 30 seconds and leave a lightweight feel while offering 100% dry and smudge-proof colour. Available in a wide variety of colours and shades and formulated using only the best ingredients, OPI Gel Colour gel nail polish is completely safe for your nails and soaks right off in under 10 minutes.

A bottle of absolute opi and a bottle of opi.

Absolute Acrylic

Formulated for easy use and lift-free results, the OPI Absolute Acrylic system is an acrylic-based system ideal for anyone wanting to camouflage nail flaws and ridges, or extra length. Quick absorbing and featuring a unique pigmentation to prevent yellowing, Absolute Acrylic products hold their shape and won’t run, flatten out, or leave crystallization. Coming in seven impeccable shades, these easy-to-apply products offer effortless graceful protection and a salon-perfect look.

Opi nail lacquer in pink and lavender.

XBOX Collection

Giving you vibrant hues you can play right on your fingertips, OPI’s exclusive XBOX collection offers a mix of lacquers and polishes in a wide variety of shimmers and shades that take your nails to the next level. With over 12 fabulous shades to choose from, the OPI XBOX collection allows you to mix and match to create the ultimate personal shades for any occasion or out-of-this-world nail art.