A set of hair care products with a bottle of volume and a bottle of sham from Hannon.

Hair Care

The Hannon Hair Care range features an abundance of everything from daily shampoos, hair
conditioners for natural hair, and styling aids to more advanced leave-in conditioners, hair treatments,
and anti-hair loss shampoos and capsules designed to manage a wide variety of hair concerns. Trusted
by thousands of professionals and consumers across the globe, Hannon’s Hair Care range offers an
affordable solution to daily hair care.

A lipstick set with a red lipstick and a black box by Hannon.


Bringing beauty and style into your everyday life, the Hannon Make-Up range is made up of their
signature eye and eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows, sealers, foundations, lipsticks, lip glosses,
accessories, and makeup applicators. Developed by renowned stylist and cosmetics guru Hannon
Bothma after years of extensive research and testing, Hannon’s comprehensive Make-Up range offers
studio-quality makeup and cosmetics in the comfort of your own home.

Hannon hydrating moisturizer with SPF.

Skin Care

From gentle face washes, face cleansers, and face lifting serums to vitamin E under eye creams, wrinkle-
reducing serums, and moisturisers for dry skin, Hannon’s complete range of skincare products has been
specially formulated to treat a wide range of skin concerns and keep your skin at its best. Whether
you’re looking for a skin toner to balance your skin while retaining moisture or an effective anti-ageing
serum, you simply can’t go wrong with Hannon’s Skin Care range.

Hannon neck and bust firming cream and tube by Hannon.

Body Care

Featuring the brand’s best-selling Neck and Bust Firming Crème and Scar Repair Tissue Oil, the Hannon
Body Care range provides effective body care products for women wanting to retain a glamorous,
natural radiance while improving uneven skin tone and keeping their skin supple, firm, and free of
unsightly lines and stretch marks. Suitable for all skin types, Hannon Body Care products definitely
deserve a spot in your daily body care regime.