Mama Mio

Io tummy bub recovery kit.

Tummy Rub

Designed to help growing bumps and boobs! Mama Mio Tummy Rub consists of 100% natural,
vegan, dermatologically tested, and expertly formulated skin care products crafted to nourish
and soothe growing bumps. Easily absorbable and packed full of natural, plant-based active
ingredients, the Tummy Rub collection is clinically proven to protect against stretch marks by
increasing skin elasticity and hydration for results that can be both seen and felt.

A couple of white bottles with purple caps.


Megamama by Mama Mio is a collection of pregnancy skincare products developed to refresh
and revitalize dry skin. Rich in beneficial omega oils and plant-based active ingredients,
Megamama products are designed to intensely hydrate from head to toe, revealing smooth,
supple, and gorgeously soft skin in the process. All Megamama products are infused with a
fragrant, soothing citrus blend of orange and bergamot and suitable for all skin types, including
sensitive and dry skin.

A pink and white cosmetic set with a pink bag.

Pregnancy & Maternity Skin Care

Mama Mio Pregnancy & Maternity Skin Care products ensure your skin is kept protected and
well-nourished throughout the most challenging, wonderful, and thrilling nine months of your life
and beyond. Featuring everything you need to keep your skin healthy from top to bottom during
pregnancy and for the months of breastfeeding that follow, the Pregnancy & Maternity Skin Care
range is perfect for any mama-to-be or mama on the go.