Elemis cell recovery serum and moisturizer.

Biotec Skin Solutions

Reawaken and turbocharge your skin with Biotec Skin Solutions by Elemis. Dedicated to giving your
skin a powerful wake-up call, Biotec Skin Solutions features a comprehensive range of skin toners,
face cleansers, skin creams, hydrating serums, face masks, sun creams, and more. More
importantly, all Biotec Skin Solutions skincare products are enriched with electrolytes, antioxidants,
and peptides to deliver everything you need to achieve and maintain optimum skin vitality.

Elemis hair care set.

Body & Bath

Looking after yourself doesn’t just have to be all about diets and detox. A luxurious bath and a
pamper can be all you need to transform the way you feel about your body and skin. Made up of
sensuous and nourishing bath and body care products, the Elemis Body & Bath melts away the
stresses of everyday life and leaves your skin feeling beautifully softer.

Elemis resurfacing mask and a jar of red gel.

Body Exotics

Turn your daily routine into an exotic escape with Body Exotics by Elemis. The heart of the Body
Exotics range lies in its powerful blend of transformative, blended aromatics. Luxurious body
scrubs, shower creams, body moisturisers, and body oils and infused with a blend of exotic
frangipani, Japanese camellia, and macadamia oil leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while
delivering essential nourishment and imparting a delicate scent.

Elemis resurfacing facial pack by elemis.

Dynamic Resurfacing

Elemis’s Dynamic Resurfacing range uses the brand’s patented Tri-Enzyme technology to
gently deliver visibly smoother and brighter skin. Specially formulated to target dull, uneven skin
tones, Dynamic Resurfacing facial pads, face creams, facial washes, face masks, and skin
smoothing serums help minimize pores, gently exfoliate, and smooth out wrinkles while
accelerating skin cell turnover, supporting the skin’s natural microflora, and revealing a more
radiant complexion.

Elemis active day cream and a tube of Elemis.

Peptide 24/7

Inspired by the body’s natural inner clock, the Peptide 24/7 range is formulated to revive tired
complexions and maintain optimum skin health from sun up to sundown. Delivering round the
clock performance and infused with beneficial hibiscus acids, flower milks, and lactic acid,
Peptide 24/7 reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and breakouts and supports natural
skin cell turnover to help you achieve and maintain a well-rested glow around the clock.

Elemis pro-collagen marine ultra cream and serum.


Clinically proven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, Elemis ProCollagen oils, serums,
creams, and cleaners are formulated with powerful marine and plant-based ingredients
designed to deliver powerful hydration and younger-looking skin. Leveraging unique active
ingredients and supercharged with minerals and beneficial acids, the ProCollagen collection
helps balance out skin and improve firmness and elasticity to rejuvenate and restore natural

Superfood skin care set by Elemis.


Superfood by Elemis is a complete vegan and cruelty-free skincare system created using highly
concentrated, 100% plant-derived ingredients that nourish and care for your skin. Packed with
antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, the range features everything from gentle face
cleansers and body exfoliators to nourishing night creams and facial oils, all designed to pep up
your skin and leave it noticeably softer.

Elemis men's grooming kit - elemis men's grooming kit - elemis men'.

Time For Men

A spectacular collection of expertly engineered, scientifically formulated high-performance
men’s products, Time For Men is a complete, head-to-toe range of men’s grooming essentials.
Designed to immediately recharge, hydrate, and protect, Time For Men shaving oils, facial
washes, shaving gels, and creams are loaded with invigorating ingredients to breathe life back
into dull, tired-looking complexions and keep skin feeling refreshed throughout the day.

S.O.S Emergency Cream

S.O.S Emergency Cream

An intensive daily moisturiser formulated to soothe and hydrate sensitive, dry, and blemish-prone skin, Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream features a powerful blend of Lavender, Willow, Centella Asiatica, and Myrrh to revive and refine. Supporting natural skin turnover and perfecting skin complexion, Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream is the perfect daily moisturiser to keep your skin looking smoother, brighter, and fresher.

Elemis brightening serum and cleanser for glowing skin.

Skin Care

A luxurious collection meticulously curated to cater yo all your skin care needs, the Elemis Skin Care Range offers a symphony of premium ingredients expertly combined to offer the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience. Infused with elements like natural cactus bristles, Kaolin, Rosemary, Thyme, and Boldo Leaf extract, each Skin Care product is packed with skin-loving benefits aimed at purifying, rebalancing, and nourishing your skin.

Elemis anti-aging serum is a powerful treatment designed to help reduce the signs of aging.

Ultra Smart

Harnessing revolutionary technologies to combat deep-set lines, wrinkles, and enhance firmness and elasticity, Elemis’ Ultra Smart range is your cutting-edge solution to the visible signs of ageing. Blending pioneering technology and advanced formulations, Ultra Smart ensures the precise delivery of potent, concentrated active ingredients to specific skin areas, providing optimal hydration and efficacy for visibly plumper and more radiant skin in as little as 28 days.