Two ceramax hair brushes on a black background.

Paddle Brushes

Excellent for detangling hair and combating frizz and flyaways, Ceramax Paddle Brushes
feature an innovative ionic technology that slowly releases electrically charged ions to lock in
moisture with each stroke. Coupled with the therapeutic benefits offered by natural boar bristles,
Ceramax Paddle Brushes are ideal for fragile, damaged hair and ensure you’re left with a
naturally smooth, gorgeously straight finish.

Two Ceramax hair brushes on a black background.

Round Brush

Revolutionize the way you brush your hair with Ceramax’s innovative range of round ceramic
hairbrushes. Perfect for controlling frizz and naturally conditioning hair, Ceramax Round
Brushes combine the benefits of a conventional ceramic brush with cutting-edge ionic
technology to help your hair retain moisture and naturally balance out the scalp. Available in
four convenient sizes, Ceramax Round Brushes offer the ultimate in comfort and professional

Two ceramax hair brushes on a black background.

Dome Brush

With a ceramic barrel designed to heat up quickly and evenly distribute heat, Ceramax Dome
Brushes offer incomparable luxury and are ideal for achieving salon-quality blowouts or adding
volume and shine in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, these incredibly heating dome
brushes come with an ergonomic soft fluted handle and a unique detachable pin that allows for
easy sectioning and effortless detangling.

Two ceramax hair brushes on a black background.

Heating Color Brush

Ceramax Heating Color Brushes feature unique, colour changing bristles that change from black
to red when the brush is heated to optimal styling temperature. Built to the highest standards,
Ceramax Heating Color Brushes combine their uniquely designed, soft, nylon bristles with ionic
technology and an ergonomic grip to prevent snagging and ensure a perfectly smooth, frizz-free
style every time.