DS Laboratories


As recommended by dermatologists across the globe. The Revita range by DS Laboratories
features revolutionary shampoos and conditioners for hair loss and thinning hair. Crafted using
a proprietary breakthrough complex and a high-tech formulation that incorporates amino acids,
proteins, and specially-selected botanicals, Revita gently cleanses and fortifies hair from within
to boost volume and leave it looking fuller, stronger, and healthier. For anyone who wants better
hair, and more of it.



Regain your confidence with Spectral by DS Laboratories. Spectral is a full range of high-
performance hair support and hair loss treatments designed to stimulate new hair growth. The
product of decades of intense research, the cutting-edge formulations used in Spectral products
combine key compounds with super effective botanicals to support hair growth by delivering
critical nutrients that increase density and thickness where it’s needed the most.



Powered by a unique blend of active ingredients and amino acids, Dandrene offers an effective
solution to dandruff and eliminates the constant scaling, grease, and odour that comes with it.
Formulated to treat flaking, itchiness, dryness, and redness, Dandrene’s advanced ingredients
soothe the scalp while leaving your hair noticeably shinier, more manageable, and healthier-
looking throughout the day. Brush off dandruff once and for all with the ultimate in anti-dandruff
shampoos and conditioners.