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Skinny ec green tea.

Green Tea Carton

Designed to naturally energize and help maintain stamina while promoting weight loss and faster metabolism, Skinny Green Tea is made using a blend of green tea, Zychrome, and Cardiaslim to boost the tea’s natural weight loss benefits. Using naturally derived, sustainably sourced, and 100% vegetarian Cardiaslim, Skinny Green Tea has been proven to be effective at speeding up weight loss when combined with a controlled diet and regular exercise.

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Green Coffee Carton

Natural weight loss, done right. Specially made from raw, unroasted green coffee beans, Skinny Green Coffee packed with specially selected ingredients to burn fat and optimize your body’s use of energy. Ingredients like Evodiamine speed up the metabolism and help you burn more calories, while Yerba Mate is packed with antioxidants to prevent premature ageing and offer a quick energy boost throughout the day.

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Green Caps

Offering the same fantastic weight loss benefits as Skinny Green Coffee and Tea, Skinny Green Caps weight control supplements help kick-start your metabolism, suppress appetite, and burn unwanted fat while boosting energy. Pairing perfectly with Skinny Green Coffee and Tea for added weight control benefits, Skinny Green Caps daily supplements come in a handy 60-cap bottle for a 2-month supply.