Dr Gobac

Dr organic cosmeceutical skin care kit.

Dermo Intellegence Anit-Ageing

Leveraging a synergistic combination of bio-identical lipids, mild surfactants, effective botanicals, elastin, and biologically advanced ingredients, Dr. Gobac Dermo-Intelligent Anti-Ageing products offer a two-fold anti-ageing solution to deliver long-term improvements in skin texture, elasticity, and tone. Designed to smooth out lines and wrinkles to give you a more youthful appearance, Dermo-Intelligent Anti-Ageing skincare products offer highly effective anti-ageing results in as little as eight weeks.

A tube of dr gobac's anti - aging cream.

Intense Clarifing

Developed for teenage and adult problem skin, the Dr. Gobac Intense Clarifying range features gentle yet effective products that hydrate and soothe troubled skin while gently removing bacteria and impurities. More than just cleansers for acne-prone skin, Dr. Gobac Intense Clarifying washes, masques, and serums regulate the skin’s sebum production and protect against further imbalances that could lead to unhealthy skin, acne formation, and premature ageing caused by inflammation and infection.

A tube of dr gobac's y face cream.


The perfect start to skin care, the Dr. Gobac Youth range is ideal for ages 10-18 and is specially formulated to ensure extra care and hydration for young skin. Formulated using carefully selected botanical extracts to balance skin hormones, regulate cell metabolism, and normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, Dr. Gobac Youth products offer the ultimate support for adolescent skin going through this crucial stage of development.