Rites Skin Solutions

A bottle of rise facial oil with a box and box.

Control Freak SPF30

Rites Control Freak SPF30 offers weightless protection that keeps your skin moisturised, blemish-free, soothed, and protected from harmful UV rays. Designed to reduce oil production without clogging your pores, Control Freak SPF 30 is a light and fast-absorbing moisturising sun spray that works to hydrate and normalise your skin throughout the day, leaving it noticeably smoother, clearer, and healthier.

A bottle of roses facial cleanser on a white background.

Foam Fighter

The ultimate daily face wash. Featuring dermatologically tested, natural active ingredients like Aloe Vera, Willow Bark Extract, and Plantago, Rites Foam fighter is an instant foam acne fighter developed to remove impurities while leaving your skin feeling fresh, renewed, and purified. Working to clarify and purify without stripping your skin of its essential natural oils, Foam Fighter is gentle yet effective and ideal for sensitive or blemished skin.

Rites - the face cleanser.

Fresh Crusader

The ideal on-the-go facial cleansing solution, Rites Fresh Crusader toner face wipes deliver intense cleansing for problematic and hard-to-reach areas. Formulated using Witch Hazel, cucumber, and Aloe Vera, Fresh Crusader face wipes help unclog pores and provide hydration in a single wipe, normalizing oil production and leaving your skin feeling clean and toned without the need for rinsing. Perfect for any time you need a quick refresher throughout the day.

Rites power powder 150ml.

Power Powder

Rites exfoliating Powder Powder is specially developed to unclog pores while refining skin texture by gently buffing away dead skin cells to reveal the healthy ones underneath. Deeply cleaning and easy to use, Powder Powder gently exfoliates the skin and combats blemishes caused by excess oil to enhance your natural glow and leave skin noticeable smoother, clearer, and more refined.

A bottle of rese's small hydrating spray on a white background.

Smart Hydrator

Intensively hydrating, non-sticky, and soothing, Rites Smart Hydrator is a repairing moisturiser that helps you regain control over demanding, blemished and acne-prone skin. Delivering potent active ingredients such as Copaiba oil, Brazil nut oil, and Salicylic acid, Rites Smart Hydrator penetrates deep into the skin to help promote the development of new skin cells and combat excessive oils, irritation and redness while leaving skin feeling smoother and more supple after just one application.

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Smooth Operator

Rites Smooth Operator is a lip care solution featuring essential omega-6 fatty acids derived from Marula oil and Vitamin E to nourish and protect the lips from damage. Highly effective in treating dry lips, Smooth Operator is dermatologically tested and 100% cruelty-free & animal friendly, making it suitable for sensitive and overly dry lips, and an ideal product to add to your daily skin routine.

A package of riss herbal supplements.

Vitality Champions

Containing your daily dose of required vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin smooth and blemish-free, Rites Vitality Champion skin capsules are formulated using essential vitamins and oils that help prevent acne and inflammation, promote natural healing, regulate oil production, and balance out hormones. Bringing you one step closer to blemish-free skin, Vitality Champion capsules and gels offer all you could possibly ask for and more.