Goldwell blondes and highlights set.

Blondes & Highlights

Bringing out colour luminosity and neutralising unwanted yellow tones, the Goldwell Dualsenses
Blondes & Highlights is the next generation of colour luminosity for blonde and highlighted hair.
Featuring microfluidic technology and formulated using Luminescine, Goldwell’s unique colour
technology, the Dualsense Blondes & Highlights collection offers regenerative care, UV
protection, and colour-fade protection for blonde hair while being as gentle as pure water.

Goldwell color hair mask and a jar of color.


Keep your hair colour shinier and more vibrant between salon visits with Goldewell’s new
Dualsense Color collection. Offering professional solutions for instantly beautiful hair,
Dualsenses Color products gently detangle, hydrate, protect, and increase colour vibrance
without weighing hair down. Paraben-free and safe for vegans, the Dualsenses Color collection
is suitable for both coloured and natural hair, and ideal for fine and normal hair types.

Goldwell color extra rich kit.

Color Extra Rich

For thick to coarse hair, Goldwell’s Dualsenses Color Extra Rich gently cleanses and detangles
while providing intense nourishment and protection that leaves your hair visibly brighter and
smoother. Offering the same colour and fade protection as the rest of the renowned Dualsenses
line, the Dualsenses Color Extra Rich collection is 100% vegan-friendly and suitable for both
coloured and natural hair.

Goldwell ultra volume shampoo and conditioner set.

Ultra Volume

Enriched with rice proteins, the Dualsenses Ultra Volume collection by Goldwell strengthens fine
and limp hair from the roots to the tips, enhancing shine while leaving hair healthier and
smoother. Designed to breathe life into lifeless hair, the paraben-free and vegan-friendly
Dualsenses Ultra Volume collection is the perfect companion for boosting hair volume without
weighing it down. Suitable for coloured and natural hair, and fine to weak hair types.

Coldwell just smooth hair mask and conditioner.

Just Smooth

The Dualsenses Just Smooth collection features a full range of hair care products designed to
tame unruly and frizzy hair. Enriched with kukui nut oil, Dualsenses Just Smooth shampoos,
conditioners, serums, and treatments help even the hair surface and smooth the hair structure
for easier manageability. All this while detangling, controlling frizz, protecting against colour
fade, and leaving hair touchably smoother and visibly shinier with each use.

Goldwell rich repair kit.

Rich Repair

Revitalise damaged hair and reawaken shine with the Dualsenses Rich Repair collection by
Goldwell. Specially formulated to restore hair from within, the Dualsenses Rich Repair collection
features some of Goldwell’s best shampoos, conditioners, serums, and leave-in treatments for
dry and damaged hair. Fortified with the brand’s own formula, Dualsenses Rich
Repair products gently cleanse and nourish the hair while ensuring intensive regeneration of the
hair structure.

Gilbert & sullivan henrasys hair care set.

Kerasilk Control

The ultimate range for unruly and frizzy hair. The Goldwell Kerasilk Control collection offers
long-lasting smoothness, shine, and manageability without weighing down your hair. Infused
with exotic Tamanu oil and enriched with keratin and liquid silk, Kerasilk Control hair care
products perfectly tame and soften unmanageable hair. Safe for vegans and paraben-free, the
Kerasilk Control collection works best when combined with other keratin products and in-salon
keratin hair treatments.

Goldwell bond pro kit.

Dualsenses – Bond Pro

Developed for weak, fragile hair prone to breakage, the Goldwell Bond Pro collection is designed to instantly provide care, structure, and up to 10x more resilience. Crafted using Goldwell’s MicroPROtec Complex and Inter-Amino-Bond-Builder technology, Goldwell Bond Pro shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and treatments fortify hair from the inside out while providing long-lasting strength and stability that reduces breakage and split ends by up to 99%.

Kerasilk Reconstruct

Kerasilk Reconstruct

Featuring added Keratin and Hyaloveil, Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct shampoos, conditioners, repair masks, sprays, balms, and concentrates penetrate deep into the hair to nourish and reconstruct from the inside out, while softening and leaving you with supple, healthy-looking, and shiny hair. Long-lasting and colour safe, Kerasilk Reconstruct products deliver the beautifully nourished hair you deserve while repairing and protecting stressed and damaged hair.

Kerasilk Revitalize

Kerasilk Revitalize

Tailor-made solutions designed to revitalize your scalp, Goldwell’s Kerasilk Revitalize range offers a rejuvenating scalp care routine inspired by skin care. Enriched with Ecotin technology to boost the skins natural self-regeneration process and shield the scalp against oxidative stress, Kerasilk Revitalize products effectively counteract and protect against key signs of ageing while deeply cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating the scalp to ensure optimal scalp health.

Goldwell elumen shampoo and conditioner.


Exceptionally durable and designed to provide long-lasting colour, Goldwell Elumen colour care products are specially designed for Elumen coloured hair and deliver intense care and protection from damage. By supporting the repairing effect and minimising colour washout, Elumen products maintain the unique Elumen brilliance and colour intensity while maintaining a vibrant shine and an exceptionally healthy feel.

Goldwell scalp specialist and a bottle of hairspray.

Scalp Specialist

Delivering a clean and fresh scalp feeling, Goldwell Scalp Specialist shampoos, serums, and lotions feature specific formulations of active ingredients catering to different scalp and hair conditions. From products designed to prevent hereditary hair loss and deep cleansing shampoos to anti-dandruff shampoos and shampoos for sensitive scalps, Goldwell Scalp Specialist hair care products offer professional solutions for instantly beautiful hair.

Goldwell men's conditioning sham and sham.


For healthy, visibly stronger hair from the roots to the tips, look no further than Goldwell’s Dualsenses Men. Offering exactly what a man’s hair needs and more, Goldwell’s range of hair care and styling products for men feature the brand’s unique Recharge Complex, combining caffeine and guarana to deliver noticeably more energy while locking in moisture and protecting against harmful environmental aggressors.