A bottle of reel and a bottle of water.

Hair & Style

Embodying the time-honoured legacy of grooming and hair care, the Reuzel Hair & Style range elegantly melds tradition with cutting-edge formulations and, despite being tailor-made for the modern man, still remains true to the values of classic barbering. Whether it’s about bringing life to daily routines, revitalizing the scalp, or ensuring every strand of hair is free from build-up, this range promises results without compromising authenticity

Reuzel beard cream and tin.


Rooted in the barbershop spirit, Reuzel’s Pomade range speaks to those who crave both command over their hairstyle and the freedom to redefine it. The essence of this incredible range is its dexterity. Beyond mere hold and style, the Reuzel Pomades collection champions ease of use and flexibility, and, for those who appreciate the finer details, the subtle fragrances incorporated add an elegant touch to the grooming experience.

Rezel beard shampoo and conditioner.

Shave & Beard

In the pulse of modern grooming, the Reuzel Shave & Beard collection emerges as a masterclass in beard brilliance. Tailored for the man who values both appearance and nourishment, Reuzel’s Shave & Beard products redefines the essence of facial care. Delving deep, each product in this essential collection clears away daily grit while infusing richness and moisture. The balance is precise: clean, yet conditioned; styled, yet natural. Banish the familiar woes of itchiness, errant strands, or the occasional dryness, and revel in a beard that’s soft to the touch, obedient in form, and subtly fragrant!

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Skincare & Body

Reuzel’s Skincare & Body collection stands at the crossroads where subtle, evocative fragrances meet the revitalising power of skincare; a true ode to effortless elegance and efficacy. Artfully curated for the contemporary man, Reuzel’s Skincare & Body products deliver a touch of daily luxury. Immerse yourself in the light, citrus-infused aura, or embrace the transformative power of our unique solid face wash stick. Whatever your choice, expect an experience that not only elevates skincare routines but also invigorates the senses.

A tube of rezel tat and a tube of tattoo cream.

Tattoo Aftercare

Celebrate your stories, etched in ink, with the shine and vitality they deserve. Reuzel’s Tattoo Aftercare range features an exceptional blend of products dedicated to preserving the vibrancy and artistry of your ink – whether it’s fresh off the needle or a timeless emblem on your skin. At the heart of this range lies a passion for holistic care that infuses the magic of Shea Butter, Orchid Stem Cell Extract, and Papaya to ensure your tattoos stay radiant and your skin feels deeply nourished.