Mizani hair care set with a bottle of hair oil and a bottle of hair spray.

25 Miracle Collection

Like all Mizani products, the 25 Miracle Collection was designed for all hair types and features their best-
selling leave-in conditioner and miracle hair nourishing oil. The name behind this iconic collection was
inspired by the 25 benefits provided by the specially selected ingredients used in the range, designed to
detangle, protect, and moisturise hair while leaving a super-smooth finish and hair that’s overall softer
and more manageable. Colour-safe and suitable for all hair textures, 25 Miracle Collection products by
Mizani make an excellent addition to any daily haircare regime.

Mizani hair mask with green leaves and a tube.

True Textures

The True Textures Collection by Mizani has been specially designed for curly, wavy hair and tight coils
following years of extensive testing and tweaking. Rich in antioxidants and packed full of essential fatty
acids that repair damage and restore shine, the True Textures range contains ingredients proven to
cleanse and penetrate dry, unruly hair while defining the hair’s natural curl pattern without leaving any
sticky residue behind. All True Textures products are guaranteed to be silicone-free, sulphate-free, and
paraben-free and are suitable for all hair types and textures.

Mizani miracle hair care set.

Scalp Care

Enriched with nourishing and calm natural ingredients, the Mizani Scalp Care range has been formulated
to hydrate and soothe dry, itchy scalps for dandruff-free, healthier-looking hair. Mizani’s salon-quality
Scalp Care shampoo and conditioners cleanse hair without stripping it of precious moisture while slowly
rebalancing, treating, and protecting scalps to mitigate and control any possible future flaking. Backed
by Mizani’s stellar reputation and ideal for all hair types, the Mizani Scalp Care collection is a must for
anyone dealing with a problematic scalp.

Mizani egg taming gel.

Styling line

Mizani’s Styling collection boasts some of the best mineral oil and petrolatum-free styling aids for curly
and tightly coiled hair in the industry. Formulated using a unique blend of ceramides, vitamin E, and
natural oils, Mizani Styling products nourish and strengthen hair while and adding texture and incredible
volume to any hairstyle. Great for all hair types and ideal for those looking to enhance their hairstyles
without sacrificing long-term hair and scalp health.

Mizani hair conditioner in a bottle on a black background.


The Thermasmooth collection by Mizani is made up of the brand’s famous Thermasmooth shampoos,
conditioners, serums, sprays, and creams. Designed for use after heat styling, the Thermasmooth
Collection works to protect hair against the effects of heat and repair any fragile, heat damaged or
colour-treated locks. Combining superior protection with unrivalled hydration, the Thermasmooth
Collection is suitable for all hair types and textures and works especially well with wavy, curled, or tightly
coiled hair.

Mizani press agent thermal hair care set.

Press Agent Collection

Featuring a simple product line that gets the job done, the Mizani Press Agent Collection offers lightweight, sulphate-free products designed to prep and protect your hair for heat styling while detangling and cleansing. Locking in moisture while keeping humidity at bay, the Mizani Press Agent Collection protects hair from heat up to 230°C without causing any frizz or flyaways. For the ideal blowout or silk press, no matter the hair type.