A black shower head and a black shower head on a black background.


To accompany their iconic hairdryer collections, Parlux has a full range of revolutionary diffusers
created using their own patented technology. Created to optimise both airflow and temperature,
Parlux Diffusers allow for perfect hairstyles in a fraction of the time without risking any damage
to your precious hair. Designed to perfectly fit their different hairdryer collections, Parlux
diffusers also come with the added benefit of integrated massaging prongs to add an extra
element of luxury to your styling experience.

Two pink and black hair dryers on a black background.

Hair Dryers

Long-time salon favourites, Parlux’s legendary hairdryers are among some of the best money
can buy. Lightweight, powerful, and cutting-edge hairdryers feature both ionic and ceramic
technology to even out heat distribution and lock-in moisture while helping hair dry quicker for
an amazingly smooth, frizz-free finish. Luscious curls, fabulous blowouts, or gorgeously straight
and voluminous, a Parlux hairdryer makes achieving your dream style that much easier.

Parlux melody silencer.


Designed to significantly reduce noise while maintaining the hairdryer’s efficiency, the Parlux
Melody Silencer is the result of years of development by some of the industry’s best minds. The
patented technology behind the brand’s revolutionary silencer absorbs sound and strategically
dissipates it around the room while minimizing vibrations for a quieter, more harmonious styling
experience. A must-have for any professional or home user.