Wella shampoo and conditioner set.


Designed to unlock and enable true creativity, Wella Colour products protect and enhance coloured hair to help you achieve and maintain any look. Whether you’re going for a radical, bold makeover or just want to enhance your natural locks with added shine and depth, Wella Colour products offer unrivaled protection and boost to deliver stronger, shiner, and more compatible colour-treated hair.

Wella nutri-enhance mask and nutri-enhance cream.

Hair Care

Featuring salon-quality products catering to all hair types, the Wella Hair Care collection offers everything you need to keep your hair healthy and happy. From daily shampoos and conditioners to specialised volume-boosting masks and repair treatments, Wella Hair Care products are trusted by both professionals and home users alike and backed by a reputation spanning over 100 years.

Two tubes of body lotion with flowers on them.

Fresh Mask

Treat your hair to a delightful fragrance and a vibrant new look in just 10 minutes! Available in a wide range of stunning shades, Wella’s zero-damage, colour-depositing Colour Fresh Masks are ideal for a temporary change of colour without compromising hair health. Infused with premium ingredients and extracts, Wella Colour Face Masks offer vibrant, fade-resistant colour, while deeply nourishing and moisturising hair for a soft, smooth finish.