SKIN Functional

Skin infusion moisturizing body tonic.

Cleansers & Exfoliators

Expertly formulated using optimal concentrations of trusted ingredients chosen for their exceptional cleansing and exfoliating properties, SKIN Functional Cleansers and Exfoliators gently cleanse and exfoliate while leaving skin feeling fresh and renewed. Enriched with vitamins and potent active ingredients, all SKIN Cleansers & Exfoliators are alcohol, silicone, and Cruelty-free, and lovingly created in South Africa for a wide range of skin types.

Skin - irradiation hydrating serum 30ml - skin irradiation hydrating serum 30ml.


Daily skincare staples designed to provide hydrated, healthier skin, SKIN Functional Moisturisers are the perfect addition to your morning and evening skincare routines, allowing you to say goodbye to dry, flaky skin and fine lines caused by lack of hydration. Specially crafted to both hydrate and protect, SKIN Functional Moisturisers deliver intense hydration while reinforcing your skin’s natural protective barrier to help rebuild and enhance overall skin health.

Sif skin care hydrating face wash.


From daily tonics that smooth and even out skin texture to leave-on exfoliating tonics that help eliminate dead skin cells and tighten the skin, SKIN Functional Tonics offer all the benefits of daily application with no risk of sensitivity or irritation. Featuring powerful, proven active ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Mandelic Acid blended with antioxidants and amino acids, SKIN Functional Tonics offer maximum results without any unwanted side effects.

Sf skin care apricot oil 30ml.


Featuring everything from skin-perfecting retinol serums to specialised Azelaic Acid and Ceramide serums, the SKIN Functional serums range has you covered for a wide range of concerns including blemishes, premature skin-ageing, breakouts, and uneven skin tone. Formulated using only the highest quality, cruelty-free ingredients in potent concentrations developed to prevent irritation, SKIN Functional Serums are an ideal addition to your current daily skin regimen.

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Starter & Trial Kits

Not sure which SKIN Functional product to go for? Have a specific concern and aren’t sure how to start treating it? SKIN Functional Starter & Trial Kits offer all the benefits of the brand’s most popular and effective products in handy packages designed to treat specific concerns and introduce you to the full SKIN Functional product line. From breakouts and dry skin to skin-ageing and blemishes, SKIN Functional has you covered.

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Offering broad-spectrum sun protection combined with anti-ageing and antioxidant active ingredients, SKIN Functional Sunscreens effectively block out harmful UVA and UVB radiation without leaving a grey or white cast. Perfect for daily use after applying your serums, SKIN Functional Sunscreens work best when applied in the morning and are suitable for a range of skin types, including combination, oily, dry, and sensitive skin.