There’s nothing that makes us feel more confident than thick, beautiful hair. And in order to maintain that, we need to be cognizant of the difference between hair shedding and hair loss. Hair shedding is a normal phenomenon whereby, on average, we lose between 50 to 100 strands a day. Anything more than that constitutes hair loss – medically termed as telogen effluvium. So if you start noticing a reduction in the width of your ponytail, don’t panic! It just means that it’s time to leap into action and begin an anti thinning campaign!

Why do we experience hair thinning?

There are several factors that could affect hair loss. Often it’s due to stress, illness or hormones, and can last up to nine months while your body adjusts. Alopecia, caused by wearing restrictive hairstyles like tight braids, is another hair loss syndrome that can affect our scalp health. Step number one towards a full recovery is including protein and iron in your daily diet, and drinking lots of water. Step number two is finding a good anti thinning product to help you on your way.

Hair structure

The first thing to remember is that the structure of your hair begins at the roots. Each strand is a fiber made up of protein and, once that strand exists, nothing can alter its fundamental structure. However, activities such as dying it, over brushing it and using heat-based appliances can certainly cause major damage. And while normal products like conditioners can make it feel healthier, they aren’t actually able to repair anything.

How anti thinning products work

Anti thinning products, on the other hand, actually treat the hair at root level. As most of them are protein-based, they are able to help strengthen the outer layer of each strand. They also create an environment that improves moisture, volume, growth and circulation to the follicles, resulting in fuller, stronger hair.

Establish an anti thinning hair regime

There are other anti thinning regimes that one can practice as part of a good hair treatment program. Most of them are simple, but extremely effective and can easily be integrated into your daily hair routine.

The best washing tips to keep hair thick and healthy

  • Wash your hair every second day at most. Over washing strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and frizzy.
  • Apply shampoo mainly on your scalp, and conditioner only on the ends. And leave the conditioner in for at least two minutes so that it can take effect.
  • Massage your scalp while washing your hair as it increases circulation to the roots and hair follicles and is a great anti thinning technique.
  • Rinse your hair in cold water to keep it shiny and use a wide toothed comb to detangle it while wet. This will stop it from snapping and breaking… so it’s one of the best anti thinning tips of all!

Good anti thinning hair care practices

  • Cut off all your damaged hair. It cannot be repaired, and does not promote good growth.
  • Try to avoid perming, bleaching, blow drying and heat styling your hair as much as possible. All chemical and heat based activities are almost guaranteed to do damage. 
  • Avoid too many styling products as they cause an unwanted build up on the hair follicle.

Our recommendation

We’re sold on Paul Mitchell’s Anti Thinning Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner… they absolutely work wonders for your hair!

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