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Industry-leading exfoliating facial treatment, ideal for all skin types.


Hydrating Oxygen treatment is a non invasive treatment which reduces the appearance of fine lines, and enhances overall hydration and condition of the skin.


  This dynamic non-invasive laser treatment is designed to target fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone by heating the upper dermis of your skin, which accelerates collagen regrowth. Visible results from your very first session! This limited offer includes a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage & free Activated Charcoal Detox and Lifting Mask treatment worth R750!


We use the latest technology in radio frequency, ultrasonic and oxygen therapy combined with highly concentrated key active ingredients. By increasing blood circulation and fast delivery of antioxidants, our eye treatment gives you instant results in hydration. This non-invasive treatment reduces puffiness, fine lines and bags around the eyes in just 30 minutes. Get gorgeous [...]


  Cosmetology’s Exclusive Hydra Facial, For All Skin Types!


Cosmetology’s Exclusive Express Hydra Facial, For All Skin Types!  


Give your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and on the go. The Immunity Drip is a cold and flu booster and improves both immune health and mental clarity. It includes a high dosage of Vitamin C nutrients that help keep common illnesses at bay. Exclusively Available Online & Redeemable at Parkhurst Branch Only


  • Hydration
  • Increase Immune Function
  • Cell Healing and Repair
  • Fast Illness Recovery
  • 200 ml saline added


Cosmetology’s Exclusive Hydra Facial, For All Skin Types! Our unique serum delivery system and non- squeezing form of extractions is what makes the Hydra Facial a cut above the rest. Product Description Finally you can get rid of unwanted blackheads without squeezing or tearing the skin! The multi-step treatment cleanses, exfoliates dead skin cells and [...]


  Permanent laser hair reduction from the first session with award-winning technology! For all skin types.


  - Effective treatment for body pain. - Increases blood flow and circulation. - Powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. - Skin hydration and exfoliation. Rejuvenation inside and out!    


Permanent laser hair reduction from the first session with award-winning technology! For all skin types. Treatment package includes 12 sessions of laser hair removal for both underarms.


  • Olive Shea Butter Massage
  • Nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates your skin
  • improves blood circulation
  • Healing


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