What Is the V Shot and Is It Right for You?

Also known as the O shot or orgasm shot, the V Shot is a revolutionary, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure taking the world by storm. A form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PLP) therapy, the V Shot is designed to revitalise both vaginal and clitoral function in women. 

Using the growth factors found in your own blood, the V Shot stimulates your body’s natural healing processes to rejuvenate and enhance sexual wellness and vaginal health. All it takes is a simple blood draw, after which the growth factors in the blood’s PRP solution are injected into the clitoral and vaginal areas for total, natural vaginal rejuvenation. 

What Does the V Shot Do?

The V Shot stimulates your body into creating new blood vessels and nerve endings while healing and repairing any damaged tissue around the vaginal and clitoral areas. Like other forms of vaginal rejuvenation, the V Shot offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased vaginal tightness.
  • Smoother and more youthful vulva.
  • Increased sexual desire. 
  • Increased sexual arousal and sensitivity.
  • Ability to achieve orgasm faster.
  • More frequent and stronger orgasms. 
  • Increase G-spot arousal.
  • Increased vaginal lubrication.
  • Less discomfort or pain during intercourse.
  • Relief from urinary incontinence.
  • Treatment of Lichen sclerosus.
  • Treatment of chronic pain and assistance in regaining sensation lost due to childbirth. 

Does the V Shot Work?

As far as natural vaginal rejuvenation goes, yes, the V Shot works! While results may vary from patient to patient, most V Shot patients report at least some level of increased sexual function and sensitivity — with the majority reporting significant increases. In fact, studies show that up to 7 out of 11 women report significant improvements in their sex lives after the procedure. 

Is the V Shot Safe?

Yes! Since the V Shot is made from platelet-rich plasma sourced from your very own blood, there is little to no chance of adverse reactions to the PRP. The procedure itself is fairly straightforward, what’s taken out of you is essentially injected back into you, albeit into a different area. This means there’s little to no risk of complications and it’s a perfectly safe vaginal rejuvenation method. 

How Long Until the V Shot Kicks in and How Long Does It Last?

One of the best parts about this procedure is that you can start benefiting from it almost immediately. There’s absolutely no healing time or need to change your regular activities. Most women notice improvements, like more comfort and less dryness, in as little as one session. The majority of patients also notice that their vagina gradually begins to feel and look healthier after their first session, and any incontinence issues begin subsiding. 

While a single session can work for up to 18 months, most clinical studies and research shows that patients typically achieve peak results after 2-3 sessions of vaginal rejuvenation, one month apart. It’s generally recommended to schedule a follow-up treatment 6-12 months after the initial procedure and annual treatments thereafter to maintain the benefits.  

Is the V Shot Right for You?

If you’re experiencing any or all of the following, then you could be a perfect candidate for a V Shot:

  • Lichen sclerosus.
  • Painful intercourse due to lack of natural lubrication. 
  • Decreased vaginal sensitivity or stimulation. 
  • Decreased sexual arousal. 
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm. 
  • Chronic pain or loss of sensation after childbirth. 

Regardless, the best way to find out if the V Shot vaginal rejuvenation treatment is right for you is to get in touch with Cosmetology and schedule an appointment at one of our clinics today.


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