The Fox Tan

Tan Accelerators

Ready to achieve your darkest tanning potential? The Fox Tan Tan Accelerators are created
using a unique, super charged dynamic formula designed to take your tan to the next level
without the need for additional bronzers. Crafted using the brand’s own exclusive, amino acid
charged complexes, Fox Tan Rapid Accelerators dramatically boost your body’s natural melanin
levels while providing deep hydration to offer a darker tan that stays around for longer.


Skin Hydration

Lock in that tan and prevent dehydration anytime and anywhere with The Fox Tan’s Skin
Hydration range. Consisting of a hydrating body spray and the brand’s renowned suntan sealer,
Skin Hydration products strive to protect that perfect tan you’ve worked so hard on. Featuring
moisture-rich formulas enriched with exotic oils and nourishing extracts, the Skin Hydration
range is designed to deliver deep hydration while maintaining a long-lasting summer glow.