No Grow

Female Products

Specially formulated for delicate and sensitive female skin, the No Grow Female range is developed to remove unwanted body hair and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Created using high-quality, gentle ingredients, No Grow Female Products are ideal for removing unwanted body hair on your legs, arms, back, chest, stomach, and face, and work on all hair colours, textures, and skin types.


Unisex Products

Featuring No Grow’s exclusive, scientifically formulated hair removal system, No Grow Unisex products target the root to effectively reduce hair growth and provide long-lasting results. Convenient, easy to use, and longer-lasting than other hair removal systems, No Grow Unisex Products offer an effective and pain-free hair removal solution that leaves your skin hair free and silky smooth while slowing down and preventing future hair growth.


Male Products

Formulated specifically for men wanting a long-term hair removal solution, No Grow Male Products help you achieve the look and feel you want while being gently yet highly effective. Neutralising hair roots to reduce and inhibit future hair growth, No Grow Male Products are ideal for everything from unwanted pubic and underarm hair to facial and head hair and work on all hair colours, textures, and skin types.