Naked Cherry Apothecary

Skin Cleaners

Skin Cleaners by Naked Cherry Apothecary is a range of focused daily body washes formulated
specifically for waxed areas. Infused with calming essential oils like lavender, peppermint,
lemongrass, and tea tree, Skin Cleaners lightly foaming body washes nourish, soothe, and
deeply exfoliate while acting as a mild antiseptic to ensure all your waxed areas stay beautifully
smooth and protected as you go about your day.


Skin Conditioners

The Skin Conditioners range by Naked Cherry Apothecary features a collection of specially
selected nourishing oils to soothe, nourish, and reduce inflammation for waxed, sensitive skin
and aching muscles. Infused with sweet almond and coconut oil blended with lavender,
sandalwood, rosemary, and exotic ylang-ylang essential oils, Skin Conditioner products also
double as the perfect massage oil for any type of skin.


Skin Polishers

Naked Cherry Apothecary Skin Polishers comprise of premium skin polishers that combine
deep exfoliation with nourishing oils and butters. Made especially for waxed areas, Naked
Cherry Apothecary’s exfoliating and uplifting skin polishers polish dead skin off while nourishing,
soothing, and treating freshly waxed areas with a gentle, natural antiseptic. Just what you need
to achieve calm, supple, and touchably smooth skin.


Skin Serums

Formulated using Hibiscus Sabdariffa, pineapple, and papaya extracts, Skin Serums by Naked
Cherry Apothecary is a range of supercharged skincare serums designed to boost your skin
regimen to new heights. Using naturally sourced alpha-hydroxy acids, Skin Serums nourish and
protect skin from breakouts while promoting natural skin cell regeneration, moisturizing, and
improving flexibility and elasticity to completely rejuvenate freshly waxed skin.


Travel Kit

The Naked Cherry Apothecary travel kit consists of a trio of the brand’s best exfoliating,
cleansing, and purifying wax care products in a handy travel size. Containing everything you
need pre and post waxing, the Travel Kit is suitable for all skin types and makes for the perfect
all-in-one waxing travel kit to keep your skin looking soothed, smoothed, and absolutely
stunning no matter where you are.