Herbs 2 Peel, B-Peel Treatment for all skin types!

For younger, brighter, purified skin! Your Personalized Natural Peeling Solution!

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Product Description


Beauty Peel is a simple and easily performed beauty treatment with instant visible results. It’s the natural alternative to conventional facial treatment methods (needling, micro-dermabrasion, etc.) and provides skin with more radiance and glow - even after the very first treatment.

Beauty Peel has the advantages of the Classic Herbal Peel (C-Peel) treatment, without signs of visible peeling and is therefore an ideal fresh-kick before special events (weddings, reunions, dates, etc.) with customized treatments as a strengthening and repair after summer, a detox treatment or as an exclusive pampering treatment.

When touching the treated skin, clients feel a “needling effect” - demonstrating the herbal particles effects in the skin over a longer time period. Skin’s circulation is increased and regeneration is stimulated. A potent method based on the power of pure herbs! A thorough skin analysis and consultation from your certified skincare professional can determine which herbs2peel treatment is the right one for your skin type and skin condition.

Scope of application:

- An ideal premature aging treatment (also for hands, neck and décolleté)

- Stimulates cell renewal for visible age prevention

- Effectively evens out skin tone

- Optimally prepares skin for a stem cell treatment

- Reduces oiliness and impurities for acne prone skin

- Ideal in short intervals as an intensive treatment series

Skin Type & Concern

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Concern All
Skin Type All


Treatment Goals

- Activates skin’s metabolism and detoxification by increasing circulation

- Improves microcirculation - supplying skin with oxygen and nutrients

- Activates skin’s repair mechanisms through targeted, controlled irritation

- Skin is optimally prepared and receptive for subsequent products and treatments

- Improves skin complexion without visible signs of peeling


This in-clinic professional treatment can be performed once every 2-4 weeks depending on your skin condition


herbs2peel is a successfully proven, natural peeling method for skin regeneration based on a mixture of pure herbs. Its natural composition is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders and abrasives, without any toxic side effects. This natural blend contains valuable proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes. The herbs are then combined with specially developed natural-based products and massaged into the skin. Micro-particles from the herbs will remove the uppermost layers of the skin while active nutrients penetrate deep into the skin.