Hey there Cosmetology lovers!

COVID-19 may be upon us, but rest assured the Cosmetology team is taking every precautionary measure to responsibly protect you and ourselves. While monitoring the global situation closely, we are going to stay calm and continue providing you with the best solutions for your skin and healthy immune system.

At Cosmetology hygiene has always been taken seriously. Our treatment rooms and communal areas are disinfected between each treatment. All beds are wiped down with disinfectant alcohol, chairs are sprayed down with disinfectant spray between each customer. Equipment is constantly undergoing a deep clean and disposables are replaced continuously between customers.

There are only 3 customers in treatment at a time, each customer is assisted in their own private treatment room. We have limited the staff in branch to ensure less people in a given space at one time. Visitors, spectators, children and friends are strictly prohibited. Only customers having a treatment are allowed in the branch.

We have enforced that every single team member is proactive at washing their hands with antibacterial soap for 20 seconds as well as sterilizing their hands with our 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. They will be wearing hygiene gloves and a PPE mask at all times.

Customers are provided with disinfectant hand sanitizer upon arrival. No hot beverages will be served and only disposable cups will be provided.

Surfaces, door handles, treatment beds, consultation pens and clipboards are sterilized on a regular basis.

For extra measure, to ensure our team and customers are well taken care of, we urge customers who feel ill, have a runny nose or visibly coughing to remain at home and consult their medical practitioner.

If any customers appear to be ill upon arrival at Cosmetology, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment to a later date.

Due to the discovery that COVID-19 positive patients recently travelled or have been in contact with people who recently travelled to high-risk countries such as the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy and Australia we are requesting that those customers avoid coming to Cosmetology for 14 days and practice self-isolation for that period of time accordingly.

We do not want you to panic or fear progressing with your skincare or immune-boosting routine. Cosmetology wants you to take comfort in our levels of precaution and encourage everyone to be vigilant and cautious.

We look forward to treating you!

Stay well

The Cosmetology Team