Chela-fer iron supplements

Chela-Fer is a range of unique, precisely formulated oral iron supplements created using
Chela’s patented Ferrochel technology. The exclusive technology helps your body efficiently
absorb iron and prevents malabsorption while reducing the risks of the gastrointestinal side
effects typically associated with traditional oral iron supplements. The perfect solution to reduce
tiredness and fatigue, treat iron deficiency anaemia, or make up for lost iron during menstrual


Chela-mag magnesium supplements

Chela-Mag is a dietary supplement designed to support those with an increased need for
magnesium. Delivering 50 mg of chelated magnesium per capsule, just a single Chela-Mag
chelated magnesium supplement a day helps maintain regular muscle and nerve function, keep
your heart rhythm steady, keep your bones strong and healthy, and act as a vital immune
booster to support your overall health.


Chela-preg pregnancy supplements

Chela-Preg by Chela is a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement created especially for
women going through pregnancy. Formulated using the unique Ferrochel technology, Chela-
Preg contains all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support a healthy mother and
baby, including iron, calcium, and folic acid. Small and easy to swallow, Chela-Preg pregnancy
supplements are free of iodine or high levels of vitamin A and don’t cause constipation or
nausea, making them perfectly suitable for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy.